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Apr 13, 2010 08:58 PM

Green Eggs Cafe - The Thrill Is Gone

We have been there a few times and thought it was pretty good, but today my wife and I went for lunch and ordered the Cafe Burger and the Kobe Slider Trio. We waited over 20 minutes for the food (we also noticed that people who were seated after us were getting their food ahead of us) and when it came out, my burger was missing the bacon. I sent it back and while we were waiting for it to come back, we noticed that the sliders were missing cheese on one and the quail egg on another. I flagged down the manager and he blew right by me after I showed him the sliders. Then, my burger came back with 2 strips of bacon that looked like they had barely touched the grill, they were flabby and fatty. At that point, we picked up and left.

i know any place can have an off day, but man is it frustrating when all you want to do is have lunch and things just fall apart like that. And they weren't even all that busy! But all was not lost...we ended up at O Sandwiches and had tasty banh mi in less than 10 minutes. might be a while before we return to Green Eggs. There are just too many good choices out there to have to put up with that kind of BS.

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  1. i saw you post this on clb's chat yesterday, that sucks! i will not hurry to try this joint, especially since i haven't been to estelle yet....

    mmm, bahn mi. give it!

    1. I went there today for the first time. The place is very attractive and, being a group, we got to sit in the back room with the elaborate tin walls and terrazzo floor. Everyone seemed pleased with their food and the service was good. My only complaint was the pancakes. They were light and fluffy, but when a menu says the pancakes come with fruit, I expect SOME fruit *in* the pancakes themselves. There was a single strawberry sliced on top surrounded by a dozen blueberries. That's just a garnish. And the menu says maple syrup is 2 bucks extra which seems a bit much for a place that serves breakfast all day -- doesn't seem like syrup should be a specialty item. On the other hand, the bacon was delicious, thick cut and cooked just right.