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looking for good catering for party

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I am looking for a good caterer or restaurant that will cater my party in miami. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ive used new creation before, two brothers, chefs, very reasonable and reliable... will look for the contact info and get back to you

      1. Talula has a catering operation; I've never used it but I've brought groups to the restaurant several times and they always do a great job. There's more info and contacts on their website ->

        I've only tried their food a couple times, but Whisk in Coral Gables does good catering too ->

        210 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

        1. If you are interested in any kind of bbq menu highly recommend Dixie Catering. Everyone raved about their food. Great staff. They are well known. Also depends on how much you want to spend per person that will limit your choices as to which caterer.

          Dixie Catering
          12222 SW 132nd Ct, Miami, FL 33186