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Fish Markets (and Restaurants) with Sustainable Seafood

I'm eating more and more fish and seafood at home and while out, but feel I haven't paid enough attention to eco-friendliness of the fish I'm eating. Yes, I know I can bring a Monterey Bay Aquarium fish guide with me, but often the source of the fish makes all the difference, and many fishmongers don't provide that type of information to consumers.

So, I was wondering if anyone knew of fish markets (or restaurants) that make a point of selling only sustainable seafood. I'm especially interested in those located in the East Bay, where I live.

Thank you.

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  1. It's not in the East Bay, but Georges is a relatively new restaurant in SF, easily accessible by BART, that is devoted to sustainable seafood. Basically, Mediterranean with simple preparations of good ingredients. Not super fancy, but not exactly a hole in the wall either. Only been once, but we liked our dinner there -- nothing overly sophisticated but quite tasty.

    1. Try Monterey Fish on Hopkins in Berkeley. I don't think you need to bring your guide with you as I believe they have a supply at the store.

      1. Not the East Bay, but I understand that the Hayes Street Grille made a commitment several years ago to use sustainable and non-endangered fish...

        1. Sea Salt in Berkeley.

          Sea Salt
          2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

          1. Whole Foods is a good place to buy fish, and they get a good rating from Greenpeace on sustainable seafood.

            1. Gather in Berkeley sources seafood from Monterey Fish.


              They have a list of their vendors and a detailed sourcebook in the restaurant. Their pizza is supertasty too.

              1. Hapuku in Rockridge at Market Hall.

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                    What's in San Francisco?
                    Who's on first?

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                      Oh dear, I only just now saw this. Sorry! I must have been talking about Tataki! I love it.

                    1. I haven't been to Andronicos recently, but the last time I was there they had a big sign up at the fish counter with the green/yellow/red info from the Monterey Fish Guide, and each kind of fish was labeled with the color. I was so impressed that I emailed them about how much I liked it. They still sold the "red" fish, but it was labeled so that you knew what you were buying.

                      1. Yankee Pier - Lafayette

                        1. Tataki was supposedly the first sustainable sushi bar and might still be the only one.

                          fish2fork.com has a few ratings. It's pretty new so not comprehensive at all.

                          Pretty much all of the Chez Panisse-school places buy only sustainable fish.

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                              Has anyone tried "I love Blue Sea" ?

                              I was curious since you can pick up at 18th and Illinois or they possibly do office deliveries in the Bay Area.

                              You can order the seafood online and its all sustainable.

                          1. I agree, Monterey Fish. Also Fish restaurant in Sausalito sells sustainable fish in their market inside the restaurant.