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Apr 13, 2010 07:36 PM

"Eatrip" -- Japanese food documentary at Viz Cinema in SF Japantown

"Eatrip explores the interpersonal relationships that food nurtures. This documentary includes interviews with actor Tadanobu Asano, singer UA, tea master Sen Souoku, and many others. It takes you on a journey throughout Japan to look at how life can be led optimally through the daily ritual of eating. To eat is indeed to live. Life is just an 'eating trip' (eatrip)."
(you'll have to cursor down a little to find it


I saw it last night and really enjoyed it (and the chocolate vegan donut I had at the snack bar). It was originally scheduled to run four days, ending tonight, but they extended it through Thursday. So if you wanted to see it and thought you missed the short run, you have a second chance.

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  1. Second this food movie rec. I caught it at the Vancouver film fest last October. As all good food movies do, it offers reflections on more than just eating. You will leave feeling more positive about life than when you arrived :-).

    1. I think they may have extended the run, it is actually showing until 4/25. Just bought a ticket! :)

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        I watched this film with a friend who has 0 interest in watching food related films. We both enjoyed it a lot!! Agree with grayelf that we left feeling very positive and with new appreciation for eating (not just food itself) - we loved the part when the priest talked about his eating experience! Was wondering if anyone know if there is any place in SF where we can get a copy of the film or any other showing in the SF/Bay Area.

        Also tried a pastry while watching the movie, very sugary typical of some Japanese pastries.

      2. New People is some sort of a mall? I'm amazed to see Lolita and goth-loli boutiques in the US.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          NP is a concept I do not get at all, and would not survive for long in Japan, HK, or Taiwan.
          Walk up a flight of stairs or two and it's a sounvenir shop selling trinkets, some stationary, CDs, random anime, toys etc (although stuff that's out of fashion/trend in Asia....e.g. Nana is quite yesterday and Final Fantasy VI came out aeons ago so not sure why they are selling Cloud Strife figures and bikes). Top floor is an art gallery, and the loli/goth/Harajuku girl clothing store is inbetween.

          The only food thing of interest is the ground level cafe where they offer Blue Bottle as well as Ito-En bottled teas. Heard good things about the tonkatsu sandwich (fried breaded pork), but beyond that it's a mindboggling building.

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            It is an odd set up, but I'm really enjoying the cinema.

            I haven't had the sandwiches, but they do look good. In addition to the tonkatsu there's a tofu sandwich that sounds promising. They also have bento from the Ferry Bldg's Delica Rf1, and their pastries are interesting. Aside from the vegan donuts they have cookies (Monday night one was date and prune). There is also apparently a matcha brownie, which I've been dying to try, but they seem to be out whenever I'm there.

            1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco, CA