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Apr 13, 2010 06:16 PM

London Restaurant Suggestions

My husband and I are going to London this month and I was looking for some recommendations for lunch and dinner. I already reserved a seat at "Roast" for Sunday Roast and need a couple of nice (but reasonably priced) dinner and lunch selections. We're staying near Waterloo but plan on exploring the city. Any thoughts?? Thanks!

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  1. You dont know how lucky you are! Waterloo is home to London's deservedly award winning Anchor and Hope, just up from the Old Vic theatre on The Cut. Be warned, there is a no booking policy so sensible people go early (6:30ish) and enjoy drinks and nibbles in the bar first. You can spend as much or as little as you like really, the point being that nothing is overpriced with the emphasis being on seasonality and, well, deliciousness! I go at least twice a month and happen to think that it IS the standard by which our london gastro/Bistro-pubs are measured by. Enjoy!!!

    1. What kind of budget are you looking at for 'reasonably' priced? Any particular cuisines you prefer/hate?

      1. Terroirs Wine Bar & Restaurant off the Strand (not too far from Waterloo) is great. Really recommend it and it's not expensive either. Make sure you make a reservation, can get pretty busy.