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Apr 13, 2010 06:13 PM

restaurants near The Palisades Mall

I'm meeting a family member at The Palisades Mall and treating her to dinner. She is not from the area, traveling through, and it is a convenient place to meet. That said- I am not a big fan of chain restaurants, and would prefer not to eat at the mall. I'm looking for a recommendation for a local restaurant (within 10 minutes) of the mall. Any type of cuisine is fine. She does not eat meat or pork, but will eat fish, pasta etc. I'm looking for a casual type of place, as opposed to fancy place. Thanks in advance. I'd like to stay on the mall side of the Tappanzee Bridge so we don't get caught up in traffic.

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  1. The Palisades mall is ~5 minutes from downtown Nyack (go east on Route 59 and you'll be on Main Street) where there are a ton of nice restaurants. I recently ate at Black Bear Saloon (bar/restaurant) and it was surprisingly delicious for lunch. But there really are a lot of restaurants in Nyack. Luchane's is also delicious though very pricey.