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Apr 13, 2010 04:43 PM

Reservations for Butagumi?

Hi All- I'm working feverishly on planning some meals for my trip to Tokyo next week, and one of the things I am running into is the need to make reservations for many popular places, even at lunchtime.

This is obviously a challenge since I can't read or speak Japanese, but I'm doing what I can (for example Birdland is on OpenTable, yay!).

I *really* want to try Butagumi while I am there, but can make no sense of the web site and it doesn't allow me to run the Google translator -- can anyone who is either able to speak Japanese or who has been to the restaurant let me know --

(1) is it possible to make reservations there, and
(2) is it desirable / necessary?


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  1. It seems that there is no place on the website to make reservations. They provide a phone number (03-5466-6775) that I assume you'd need to call to get one.

    Japan Times has an article about them and recommends you make a reservation.

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      You would usually not need one, especially if there is just one or two of you. Won't hurt to book and will give you certainty, but if you don't book, at worst you will just end up waiting for a few minutes - that is what i have been told by someone who has been many times and never reserves. When i went last time, we did reserve but it would not have been necessary.

      1. re: Asomaniac

        I second the words of Mr Maniac. Give it a try, but first email me so I can come along too!

        1. re: Asomaniac

          Yeah, I got a lot of warnings about needing reservations and about long lines...but we haven't seen it yet. Nevertheless, got one for Butagumi for tomorrow night, if I wasn't full to my eyeballs with ramen right now I'd be pretty excited.

          1. re: pusherman

            Quick update if anyone is interested -- we made a reservation...on a Tuesday at 8, the restaurant was full, but no one was waiting, and by the time we left around 10 it was probably only about 1/4 I'd say outside of weekends, you'd probably be OK without a reservation.

            BTW, the food was great!