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Apr 13, 2010 04:07 PM

Oaxaca - just opened on 4th Ave and President

I have not tried it yet, but a new outpost of Oaxaca tacqueria on Smith St has opened on 4th Ave between President and Carroll. A kid was handing out menus when I got off the subway this evening, and I think tonight might be opening night. Here's a review of the smith st place:

Restaurant website:

Again I have not tried either place yet, but intend to soon. Anyone tried either location?

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  1. I had seen the sign a couple of weeks ago. I usually take the Q home from work in good weather, but sometimes I take the R--I'll give it a try one of those evenings.

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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      One more place giving mexican food a bad name. Bad quality meat, you can't even chew the meat. They do not have a kitchen at the Smith Street location so they cook the stuff somewhere else and then keep it warm in an oven...pretty bad idea for a taqueria. I do not recommend at all. There are other options in Brooklyn with real mexican food. Fonda is one of them and Matamoros for tacos.

    2. Don't hesitate - it's good! I look forward to trying the 4th ave spot. Hope it's just as good.

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        I went last night. Not good at all. Small tacos for $3 the size you'd pay $1.50 or less for in Sunset Park, and not half as good. I had a carne asada and a carnitas. The carne asada was totally flavorless. I actually prefer the al carbon at Chinese tortilla places (the steak at Happy Fresh Tortilla, on 7th Ave. bet. 7th & 8th St is surprisingly good). The carnitas were just OK. I think I'll just stick to to Piaxtla es Mexico (Ricos Tacos) for carnitas and Matamoros for everything else. Oaxaca also has a very small selection of fillings--which might not be a bad thing, since at least two of the ones they already have aren't too good.

        Prunefeet, there's a thread about Smith St. The reviews are very mixed.

        1. re: Peter Cherches

          I thought the food was OK for a neighborhood place. Nothing to rave about but OK.

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            It seemed like a bad sign that a place called Oaxaca doesn't serve any Oaxacan food. The menu looks like a template for Americanized form of tacos. It's probably the equivalent of the many neighborhood Chinese Sushi places that use random Japanese names that have nothing to do with the type of food they're making. You review is about what I expected.

            1. re: E Eto

              I drowned my sorrows in a cemita pastor at Matamoros today.

              1. re: E Eto

                News Flash: 99.9% of restaurant names have little to do with the food.

                1. re: bhill

                  News Flash: I think you're off by 10-15%.

                  1. re: E Eto

                    Maybe so. The point with Oaxaca though is that they are a place that really has no passion for Mexican food. Taste Calexico vs Oaxaca and it becomes painfully clear. If you crave Mexican food and you want some close approximation, that's fine. It's ok Mexican food. But you can go to plenty of places not too far away and at least find something that's somewhat inspired.

                    122 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                    1. re: bhill

                      Well, my point is that there are plenty of the Mexican restaurants that serve the local Mexican population with names like Piaxtla, Coatzingo, Tulcingo, etc, that are references to areas in Puebla, and guess what, they serve its regional cuisine. If a restaurant is using a name like Oaxaca (a distinct region with a distinct regional style of cuisine), it ought to mean something, but it seems to have no meaning or reference according to what they're serving. So you're right, it reflects poorly on the establishment, and perhaps what could be a lack of passion.

          2. Yeah this place kind of sucks. The service is really nice but the food is nothing special and too pricey for the portions/type of cuisine. I got the carne de asada tacos (rubbery, poor tasting); elote (not terrible but too buttery) and veggie burrito (meh - my friend got that and it was not great, overstuffed with rice). I would pass. Calexico (hipster, but great food) is much better, or Fast & Fresh (like a deli but with great eats and outdoor garden).

            122 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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            1. re: ucanahdooit

              agreed....i gave this place a coupe of chances since i live and work nearby. no good. Last time i got a chorizo torta....practically inedible. Fast and Fresh is way better than here.

              1. re: twarnock

                Funny we've never been anything but pleased with the food at Oaxaca. Really like the steak burrito (they grill the outside once it's assembled, which we find very tasty albeit nothing likes the ones we were accustomed to when we lived in San Fran). And all of the soft tacos we've tried have been very good too. Wasn't a fan of their corn (found its strangely off tasting the time we had it).

                I do think the tacos at Fast and Fresh are better but I hate eating in there (that back patio is horrible and usually swarming with bees/wasps from all of the trash barrels).

                Have always been a fan of Calexico as well (used to frequent their soho cart when I worked in the city).

                1. re: Nehna

                  hmmm....i went to the one on 4th avenue today and had a carnitas taco and it was FABULOUS....really just so good i ordered another immediately. and 4 other people i've never met before were all sitting around munching on their orders murmuring the same thing: this is GOOD!

                  1. re: redgirl

                    I think Oaxaca (on 4th St.) is pretty good, especially their carnitas and steak tacos. I've ordered from them twice and in each case they screwed up the order. If you order 3 tacos you get rice and beans with the order. So we ordered a couple of days ago and when the order came, there was no rice and beans. I called to complain and was handed off to a manager. The manager said you have to ASK for the rice and beans. I said that doesn't make sense because the rice and beans come with 3 tacos. Then he said you have to ASK FOR THE COMBO PLATTER. So after I said that wasn't right he agreed to send over rice and beans. (which arrived long after we finished our tacos but oh well... ). But then I looked at their menu and NOWHERE ON THE TACO MENU IS THERE THE TERM "COMBO PLATTER." So how the hell would you know that? This place is pretty busy but I hope these guys ramp up their customer service or they'll lose halfway loyal customers like me.