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Where to find pork belly [was "Barbecuing pork belly"]

I'm getting tired of making the usual barbecue suspects -- ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, chicken -- and am looking to smoke something different for a Patriot's Day cookout. And since pork belly takes well to a braise, I'm thinking it would make some great 'cue, as well. Anybody have any experience hot smoking that cut of meat -- and tips for how I should treat it? I'm thinking it probably isn't as forgiving as a pork shoulder, but more so than baby back ribs. Am I way off?

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  1. This'll probably get moved to home cooking (Patriot's Day notwithstanding) but I don't see why you couldn't barbecue pork belly. I know what you mean about getting bored with the same old 'cue, my latest meat of choice is short ribs. They are really amazing, and seem to be hard to ruin.

    The one thing about the belly that might not be so good bbq'd is the skin - maybe cutting it off with some of the fat, and separately baking it in the oven, then crisping it under a broiler would be a good way to get the best of both worlds. Love those crispy cracklin's.

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      Yeah. My bad. Was perusing the Boston Board and inadvertently posted something I'd actually intended to post in home cooking. But while it's on the Boston board, anybody have an idea of where I could get a decent belly besides Savenor's? I love 'em, but they're spendy.

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        C-Mart in Chinatown has them, I think a fair number of Asian markets generally do. I got mine from Stillman Farm when they were selling them frozen in downtown crossing. Here's a pic:

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          second C-Mart i get mine there and i think their about $7 each.

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            Second Stillman's. You can special order with just an email to Kate (see their website: http://stillmansfarm.com/theturkeyfar... ) for pickup at any farmer's market they come to. Season is coming sooner than you know! We made a braised pork belly that was out of sight.

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              The thing I liked about Stillman's is the flavor of the skin - it was just plain buttery and delicious, without that "offaly" taste you sometimes get.

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            Speaking of Savenor's, buywithme.com is selling half-off gift certificates to Savenor's ($30 GCs for $15). Time is running out, so I'd act soon. You can buy two per person. I'm excited to blow mine on some crazy game meat or maybe even some pork belly, too.

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              nevermind, sold out. H-Mart is another good option for pork belly. When I make mine for ramen, I'll go there for it.

              3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

        2. H-Mart in Burlington and Ebisuya in Medford both carry pork belly. Why not try Korean BBQ? Spicy pork bulgogi (pork belly in a spicy marinade) is great on the grill.


          3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

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            Google "Moo Krwap" for recipes for crispy Thai pork belly. Delicious. I buy mine at H-Mart

            3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

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              I have bought pieces (not whole) @ Market Basket in Somerville.

              Market Basket
              400 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA

            2. You could consider sampling the Cambridge Formaggio's barbecued pork belly sandwich on Saturday afternoon, and maybe ask them how they prepare it. I had a bite of my son's this past weekend...pretty tasty.

              1. Thanks to everybody for helping us keep this thread focused on local chow. Bamatransplant, we hope you'll start another thread on the Home Cooking board to address your original question. When you do, you're welcome to add a pointer post here with the URL of that thread.

                1. McKinnons always has fresh pork belly for sale and it is pretty inexpensive.

                  1. You can order things from Sherman's Market in Union Sq. They are all about local, natural, etc, so it won't be the cheapest.

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                      John Dewars usually has it and will special order larger amounts. I'm making braised pork belly next weekend from there.

                    2. i might be too late to help the op, but i get it often at ming's and market basket, for under $2 a pound.

                      1. We bought some pork belly from Savenor's and made some sam gyeop sul last night. Turned out really well - the pork belly was so crisp on the outside and tender and fatty in the inside.

                        1. Also too late for Patriot's day, but Puritan Beef in Haymarket reliably has pork belly, and in larger pieces than I've found in chinatown.