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Apr 13, 2010 03:29 PM

memphis- big group-Memorial Day weekend (moved from Southeast board)

We are possibly coming to a baseball tournament over Mem Day- I think field is near Gernantown- any suggestions of a place for dinner with about 40 people- We usually go Mexican but aren't too picky- Thanks

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  1. probably the best Mexican in Germantown is Los Tortugas Deli Mexcicana. Unfortuenately the restaurant itself is quite small and I'm not sure what it's weekend hours are.

    One of my favorites for the food is La Taquiera Guadaluana. It;s quite a ways away and it;s truly a hole in the wall, but the food is tasty and you can get tripe or tongue tacos.

    One stop west on 385 of the Mike Rose complex is Hacks Cross. There is a Casa Mexicana that I eat lunch at on ocassion. The food is pretty good but the service lacking. Collierville has El Porton which is the one we go to most often.

    A couple of none Mexican restaurants in that area are Bangkok Alley for Thai and Solu Fish Cafe for mainly catfish and tilapia but it is good. The original Soul Fish has been a mainstay in the Cooper Young area which is one of the more competitve food areas in the city. But neither of these are real large.

    Soul Fish Cafe
    862 S Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104

    Bangkok Alley
    2150 W Poplar Ave, Collierville, TN 38017

    El Porton
    2300 Broadway St, Paducah, KY 42001

    1. You are going to have a very hard time with 40 people. I know this may be very "non-chowlike" but you will be close to a Cracker Barrel. They might be able to accomidate this number. Germantown does have a new Mellow Mushroom that is good. To be honest, G'Town is not the high point for Memphis food. That being said, a previous person mentioned Soul Fish, and it is fantastic. Great fried catfish - and I don't normally like catfish. The cuban sandwich is great as are the huge amount of veggie side dishes. The thinly sliced, quick pickled cucumbers are a fantastic side to a fatty order of wings (which are great). The one Mexican place that could hold you no problem is Taquiera Guadulapana. It is one of the best real Mexican food places in town- there are not many places in Memphis you can get goat! The bistec a la Mexicana is fantastic! Skirt steak cooked with onions and jalapenos...yum. There are 2 locations. The closest one to G'town is on Winchester. For Tex-mex The Happy Mexican is good. It is on Ridgeway, fairly close to G'town. For other ideas, google The Memphis Flyer, it is a weekly paper that has a good food section. The Commercial appeal is the daily paper that also has some good food reviews. Good luck.

      Soul Fish Cafe
      862 S Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104

      Cracker Barrel
      40 Cassidy Way, Danville, KY 40422

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        our team is now going to Franklin