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Apr 13, 2010 02:47 PM

Michael Symon - overhyped/overexposed?

Does anyone think that Michael Symon and his ever-growing restaurant empire is getting a little overhyped and/or overexposed? I mean it's great that a Cleveland local is getting national attention, but for those who have been to any of his restaurants recently, do you think the attention is deserved?

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  1. I was wildly unimpressed with Lola - but I loved Roast.

    1. Bar Symon was underwhelming. Lola was pretty good but I'd have to try it again to give a definitive answer(probably not a good sign).

      1. I loved Lola the last time I was there.

        There are some chefs who get national attention and their food is so great you want to say "wow" at every dish, and others who get national attention and their food is just pretty good, no "wow". I thought Lola had the "wow".

        1. Let me also state - Symon's FOOD is quite good. Not mindblowing (aside from what he does with pork and polenta) but I've found the service to be quite subpar, especially at Lola where it was downright BAD. Like Batali I think Symon is an excellent chef, though not the "best" in his particular realm - but not everyone can be the best, so sometimes darn good is enough, and having the personality to work on TV can certainly put you over the top. The setting at Lola, IMO, lacks soul - it is trying to hard, and the servers act like it is a priviledge to eat there.

          Stick to roasted/grilled meats, creamy sides (mac n' cheese, mascarpone polenta,) and if you like pork, go with it - just don't expect service to come with a smile.

          1. I ate at Lola once and thought that it was good but not great. I do think that his fame is great for Cleveland and I hope that his notoriety will foster a growing culinary scene in Cleveland.

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              Dante, Greenhouse Tavern, Crop..........seems to be helping. :-)

              The Greenhouse Tavern
              2038 E 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115