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What do you keep in your car?

I don't know why, but I always have tons of food in the car. I suppose it it is to be prepared in case I am stranded in a blizzard or something. :) I always have an assortment of gum and candy. Chocolate stuff in the winter, not so much in the summer. I usually have a variety of chips, pretzels, granola bars, etc. It definitely comes in handy with the kids and when we are out and about. What do you have in your car?

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  1. Water and mints. If there is a forecast for considerable snow and I'm driving somewhere away from home, I might take a couple of PowerBars, just in case. But I don't generally keep food in the car.

    1. In Florida and Mexico:
      water and more water
      2 small coolers, one with cheap tableware for impromptu tailgating and picnics, the other for transporting seafood and highly perishables
      soy sauce
      spear gun
      filet knife
      small manual juicer
      electric coffee bean grinder, I have no idea why it is still there.

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      1. re: Veggo

        Ummm --- where are you going to plug the electric coffee bean grinder in? ;-)

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          I haven't had much need for it. What idiot would keep an electric coffee maker in their car?
          There is a crockpot in the trunk, too, still in the unopened box. Same reasoning, what idiot travels around with pork shoulders and lamb shanks in their golf bag?

      2. Water, gum, and earthquake supplies (including protein bars).

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          Right now, Warheads. Man, are they bad.

          Usually, nothing.

        2. Two pair high quality chopsticks in a bamboo box in the glove compartment. Cork screws, bottle opener, Daiwa Mini-cast fishing rod & reel, tackle box; and tent, sleeping bag, mat and boots in case the fishing is really good. The rainbow and brookies are really biting now.

          1. Bottle opener, corkscrew, oyster knife, squeeze lemon, crackers, water, gum.
            This is when I had a car...

            Can't understand Veggo's coffee bean grinder.;)

            1. Food-wise? Zero.

              Now, when I lived in Colorado and could be caught in a blizzard almost any month of the year, we kept water and ganola bars, but now it is just water.


              1. A cooler for perishables and assorted reusable grocery bags and large zip-locks for repackaging. Inexpensive set of plastic plates and metal utensils, older cloth napkins, cutting board, can opener, cork screw, church key, paring knife, salt, pepper, little bottle of Tabasco. Blanket for picnics. Gum, mints, floss. Water, protein bar. Old bath towel to cover my lap just in case!

                On a road trip there will be coffee supplies, thermos, fruit and snacks added.

                1. Right now, 2 bottles of water, 1/2 bag of jelly bellys, an empty coffee cup and lots of napkins.
                  Sometimes the coffee cup isn't completely empty and I spill some.
                  There might be some sweet and low in the glove box but I can't tell you how long it's been there.

                  1. Just a jug of water and a corkscrew/bottle opener. I am always thinking I should put some food in there in case of emergencies, but then I think of mice moving in and change my mind. My friend did get stranded by a blizzard in Indiana for something like 30 hours with nothing but a cupcake to split three ways. She says some friendly farmers brought people food. How's that for the heartland?

                    1. No food, unless I'm coming home from the store/butcher/fish monger, etc.

                      Corkscrew/bottle opener, flip flops ("No shoes, no shirt, no dice"), Q-tips (I hate the water in my ear feeling when I get out of the ocean), and of course my collection of market "mini cards."

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                        Yes... flip-flops for the spur of the moment pedicure and stop at the asian market for a bubble tea. I keep those in my trunk.

                      2. I like this thread!
                        Peppermill (I know, it goes weak so fast in the hot car but you can't have a sausage egg mcmuffin without a ton of pepper)
                        Salt (same reason)
                        Several pairs of individually wrapped chopsticks
                        Some kind of knife or other
                        Usually have a couple of cans of oolong or green tea (UCC brand) rolling around on the floor
                        Limonazo or some other sour salt/citrus powder

                        I really like veggo's, passadumkeg's, and meatn3's answers

                          1. One candy bar and a pint of bourbon (never know when you'll get stuck in a hideous traffic jam.)

                            1. Hi, I keep rice cakes and water. Boring, but I am addicted to the cheese flavored mini-rice cakes!!!

                              1. This is funny to me, I just got a new (large) car and have a whole storage tote bag going on.
                                Currently food wise, I have my daughter's favorite organic chocolate milk boxes, kashi cereal bars, juice boxes and a small cooler in case I stop for something perishable. Non food wise - a change of clothes for both kids, diapers and wipes and my sneakers for the gym.

                                1. Breath mints. Never know when I'll need to see a customer right after eating raw onions, pizza, or garlic.

                                  1. A couple of bags of shelled p-nuts...A can opener, A sharp knife, A bottle of Tabasco, and a S&W Model 66....In cold weather two cans of Sardines.... :))


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                                      Six pack beer cooler in the trunk, to help w/ fishing. Sneakers, tool box, repair manual, spare baseball hat and sunglasses, did I say cork screw? Leatherman, hand sanitizer.
                                      .38 S&W Special a la Dudley Doright.

                                    2. The only time I have foodstuffs in a vehicle is when we're on a road trip. Then it's usually one cooler for food and one for drinks.

                                      When I was driving a lot for a job, I only packed water (rarely was gone more than a day or two and had to provide proof that I was spending my per diem on food.)

                                      1. A bottle of water, several souvenir cups from baseball games, chap stick, napkins, ketchup packets, a cooler, sleeping bag, that case of diet coke I keep forgetting to carry in, and a beach umbrella...

                                        1. Since college, my glove box has always contained napkins that betray some of my chain allegiances: Dairy Queen, Dunkin' Donuts, Arby's and Mickey D's. Now it's more of the first two than the last two, but any combo thereof is possible.

                                          extra stirrers
                                          packets of sugar
                                          plasticware & straws (sometimes)
                                          coin purse for tolls, parking meters or snacks

                                          In my pocketbook and always with me:
                                          mini Swiss Army knife
                                          used to carry a bottle opener (where is it now?!)
                                          I used to carry my own snazzy chopsticks, too. They were lavender. Must find them.

                                          In the trunk:
                                          my rollerblades and gear JUST IN CASE I feel like going for a skate AT ANY TIME
                                          portable chair for concertgoing (again, just in case!)

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                                          1. re: kattyeyes

                                            Nothing unless I'm planning a trip or a fairly long day out. Then I'll take water and appropriate snackage for emergencies.

                                            My purse usually contains a couple of granola bars, a 1oz serve of peanuts, and sometimes a few sweets (no chocolate - that melts too easily!) in case I get low blood-sugar.

                                            1. re: Kajikit

                                              I used to carry PB sandwich crackers for the same reason you described.

                                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                                I did the Nabs in the glove compartment when I was pregnant. Morning sickness is NOT limited to mornings only.

                                          2. I don't have my car with me at school in Boston but I do keep a few essentials in my backpack at all times:

                                            Little plastic cups for condiments
                                            Bag of green tea
                                            Bag of black tea
                                            1 handy nap
                                            1 packet sugar
                                            1 packet splenda
                                            A tube of wasabi
                                            Ketchup Packet
                                            Dijon Mustard Packet
                                            Hot Sauce Packet
                                            Cough Drop
                                            Salt Packet
                                            Pepper Packets

                                              1. emergency kit that includes protein bars and water. gum. small dogfood packs and granola bars and small servings of peanut butter to give to the street people who have dogs.