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Apr 13, 2010 01:51 PM

a joy in Verona: Trattoria Muramare

Last year when visiting Verona I walked passes Trattoria Muramare at Corso Porta Nuova 46/a, and for some reason this place at an off city centre spot gave me a good feel - but we had reservations elsewhere. Day after I went back and they were closed. Decided to try it another time, and that was last Saturday.
It was fantastic. Friendly staff, cosy place with a 'shielded' terrace outside, and a good winelist, mostly whites (not over the top by the way). They only do fish. And they do this well.
Antipasta was their signatue raw tuna. Would win awards in Japan - though very Italian, no worries. Other guests had a big seafood starter with this tuna, two kinds of shrimp, and some oisters. Looked good too.
Then came perhaps the best risotto I ever had (had it a M-starred places). Seafood risotto, al dente, very nicely creamy, suave, rich, supertasty.
Last but not least perfectly grilled seabass, with only some very fresh olive oil and a crispy salad of mixed lettuces.
This with a nice 2008 Greco di Tufo from Monaci, which I can recommend.
I love the place and would love to go back!

The owners are from the South (Campania and Puglia I believe), and really know how to get the best ingredients, and know what to do with them, while enjoying that. In this respect it reminded me of a place called Sa Jambina in Callela de Pallafrugel in Spain, which I can recommed as well (there, take the tuna/tomatoe starter, then palamos shrimp(!), and then fish with potatoes from the oven, with a one or two year old bottle of Capafons Osso white Priorat called Enllac (fresh but full, has some viognier in it, or a max 1,5 year old Rias Baixas albarino from Pazo de Seronans).


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  1. WILLEM: Thanks for posting this. Will be in Verona this September and will seek this place out. (I definitely prefer seafood to!)

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      haha...same here (though where I come from we make a stew from horsemeat, call 'zoervleisch' [zoo-r--vly-sj], which is actually quite good :-) .
      I believe the Monaci will still be fresh in september. I hope you enjoy the place, would love to hear about your experience.

      Another nice place which has a different tune to it, though much more classical, is Al Pompierie, which is a definite go if you like many variations...nice post in this board on it by Erica and GretchenS


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        Sure, if you have any other recommendations regarding Verona, feel free to post here. We have a tendency to favor the small mom-and-pop, romantic eateries (the osterias)... like we found in Siena. Love the atmosphere and the food from those places!

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          We also will be in Verona in Sept - what is the best way to tour the Amarone wineries? We will be there the 15th to 18th or 19th...... Muramare certainly sounds like a possibility!

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            Here is a thread from a couple of years ago about visiting wineries near Verona: