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Apr 13, 2010 01:30 PM

Best French Bistro in Montreal

I'll be in Montreal with some friends in a few weeks. We're all from Toronto.
Although we have many great restaurants in TO with certainly lack in the french dept.
Being in Montreal, we figure that this would be the best place in North America to have some good french food. Can anyone make some recommendation. We're looking for more or less a traditional menu, bistro style would be great. We are ready so spend some money but still nothing too crazy. As you all know good food does not and should not equate insane amount of money. I look forward to hear from any of you. - Borbo Rygmus

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  1. I can do no better than direct you here.

    "The rest," as they say, "is commentary. Go study."

    1. I would recommend Au Cinquième Péché; however, if the key word is traditional Lemeac might be more to your liking.

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      1. re: thomasein

        or more traditional : Le P'tit plateau.

      2. just shortcut the whole thing and go to L'express, you can't go wrong

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        1. re: db050870

          I would second thomasein and recommend Lemeac over l'Express any day... because yes, it can 'go wrong'.