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Apr 13, 2010 01:07 PM

Milwaukee (and surrounding areas) for good vegetarian cuisine? :)

Hi all. I am coming to Milwaukee for the first time and will be with a vegetarian dining partner and was hoping to hear from my fellow chowhounders where some great finds are! Looking forward to any help you may offer. All cuisines welcome as long as they are vegetarian/vegan friendly.

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  1. Several places that have choices for vegetarians (My husband and I are vegetarians and we visit a non-vegetarian couple in Milwaukee a couple times a year):
    Maxie's Southern Comfort, :Has several good BBQ Tofu dishes.
    Comet Cafe, : LOTS of veggie options.
    Beans and Barley : More of a breakfast/lunch place.
    Juniper 61, : Not as straightforward with the veggie options, but what they have is excellent.

    Juniper 61
    6030 W North Ave, Milwaukee, WI

    Maxie's Southern Comfort Restaurant
    6732 W Fairview Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53213

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      Second Comet Cafe. Who knew a place that serves unlimited bacon on Sundays could make such good veggie options?

    2. If you want a wonderful dinner or lunch try Roots. It has terrific vegetarian options and it has a lovely view of the city if the weather is good enough to sit outside on the deck.

      1. From out of Town, but am spending time here, We were afraid we might be relegated to prepping 4 days of Salads in our room, but so far, its all been good.

        Beans & Barley (for lunch today) is mixed Veg & Carnivore. But the TLT (Tempah , lettuce & Tomato w/veganase (on request) was outstanding. Good size sandwich served w/ a little rice & Pickle spear. S.O.'s Walnut burger was out of this world good.

        If you are inclined to Southern Indian style cooking (Udupi Style, althougth they claim, "Indian, Bengali & Pakistani" cuisine) Which is pure vegetarian, Our hotelier sent us to Bombay Sweets. Kind of out of the way on 10th st on the south side. Order at the counter and food is served on styrofoam... But ..portions are good sized, prices are very reasonable and it was delicious.

        We found the stalls at the Milwaukee public market to have many good veg. options including the margaritta bar which served a great avocado taco and the fill you own pita bar.

        Comet Cafe is on our schedule for Dinner tomorrow (actually today now) and with a second from a fellow chowhounder, I'm looking forward to it.

        Bombay Sweet
        3401 S 13th St, Milwaukee, WI 53215

        Beans & Barley
        1901 E North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

        1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. We ate at Comet Cafe and Beans and Barley and were satisfied with their dishes. The vegan red velvet cake @ Beans and Barley was better than a classic one!!! :P