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Apr 13, 2010 11:38 AM

Fabulous Sarson ka Saag w/ Makki ki Roti @ Raja Sweets, Jackson Heights

This dish is a Punjabi specialty, spiced mustard greens (sarson ka saag) served with a griddle-cooked cornbread (makki ki roti). I usually describe makki ki roti as a cross between a thick tortilla and a polenta cake--yellow and very corny. I've had this dish over the years at about 5 or 6 different places, in NY and California, and this is the best I've ever had. The bread was perfect and the pureed mustard greens were more flavorful and spicy than others I've had, served with a bit of ghee on top. $6 even. The saag was served in a little plastic container and the rotis (2) on a paper plate. Raja Sweets, at the corner of 73rd St. & 37th Ave. should not be confused with Rajbhog Sweets next door, which I believe is Gujarati. The quality of this dish makes me want to try more at Raja, which is more than just a sweets shop. They serve Punjabi veg. food, some pre-prepared and some (like the sarson ka saag) made to order.

Raja Sweets
72-31 37th Avenue.

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  1. I love sarson ka saag but have never actually had it in a restaurant. thanks for the tip.

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      Minar does a decent one on Tuesdays only, but this was better. And both are better than Dhaba's.

    2. Raja is great. The bread is always cooked to order, and they often have very good, very homestyle steam tray offerings -- when they have cabbage, get it.