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Apr 13, 2010 10:45 AM


HI all do any of you know of a truffle tasting menu going on in LA right now? prefer west LA....its for my anniversary and my wifes loves them....I am thinking italian food of course....but open to others.....thanks!

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  1. Melisse has several black truffle dishes as "specials" on its website (click on menus and then specials), and you could do a tastine menu of those items. The truffle egg with black mushrooms is quite possibly the best thing I've ever tasted. I've also had the tagliatelle with white truffles and it was wonderful. The dishes are very expensive, but they give you a large amount of truffle compared to most restaurants. The lobster bolognese also has black truffles, and if you contacted them in advance, the chef might arrange something special based entirely around black truffles.)

    I recall that Vincente Ristorante in Brentwood sometimes does truffle tasting menus. I don't know if they can do one now, but you might call and ask.

    In the past, Valentino in Santa Monica has done special tasting menus based on specific items if requested in advance. It would depend on the availability of truffles, but you could call and see if they could do one.

    1. April is a bad month for truffles.
      Tuber magnatum ( a.k.a. "white truffle", "Alba truffle") gone end of December.
      Tuber uncinatum ( a.k.a. "Burgundy truffle") gone end of February.
      Tuber melanosporum ( a.k.a. "black truffle", "Perigord truffle") gone end of Feb as well.
      Bianchetto ( a.k.a. Tuber Borchii ) gone end of March.
      Tuber aestivum will start in May.

      So you better wait.
      Or you risk getting the contents of one of those dreadful little jars.

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        RicRios, Thank You for the info. That is great info for anyone who loves Truffles, which, who doesn't!!!!!!!!!

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          RicRios is correct. Don't pay a bundle of money for truffles now. If they're not frozen they're probably jarred or something else of the sort.

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            Just a note about this. I received an email from D'artagnan stating that they now have fresh summer truffles (tuber aestivum). So there must be some fresh truffles available to local restaurants.

            1. re: Jwsel

              Tuber aestivum season starts "officially" May 1st in most regions, but could certainly start earlier depending on region & weather patterns for the year.
              However, organoleptic properties of early truffles are always much weaker than when they are in full season, whatever the species.

          2. La Botte had an unbelievable ravioli special last year, foie gras with shaved truffles on top. Truly decadent and delicious, and not a small portion either.

            Il Piccolo in Venice also excels with truffles.

            But I would wait until they are truly in season.