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Apr 13, 2010 10:19 AM

RUSTY- 3 Sheeps Brand "Fushan" Chopping knife -Clean yet So Very Rusty!

Can anyone think of a reason why an old (but clean) knife would consistently rust. Unless I dry it very quick and oil it, it will rust even while I'm chopping something. Will turn even onions colors. I feel stupid not just throwing it out. Can this make us sick? It is really "rust" in it's truest form? Is this not a kitchen utensil? I love to shop 2nd hand. I bought this in the kitchen section and can only find one other reference to it on the entire internet..and the person blogging was using it for cooking. The knife chops remarkably well. The whole situation is rather confusing. Thanks so much!

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  1. Hi HeavenLeigh,

    This is my expereince with a carbon steel knife. It will discolor in one cooking session and it changes the color of my onion. At first, I were not sure about the color changing thing. Then, I cut two onion. One with a carbon steel knife and the other with a stainless steel knife. The onion chopped by carbon steel knife is definitely darken.

    Bottomline. It is very normal for a carbon steel knife.

    1. While I never heard of that brand, it sounds like you have carbon steel knives. They take an edge beautifully, (tho more often than stainless alloys) and will develop a nice patina that some folks are turned off by. I love mine, but if you're not into the whole knife thing, you may not like the extra effort to maintain.

      1. I have the same knife!! I have been searching for a while for any more info on its history. I got it as a gift which in turn was found at a yard sale. I can't seem to find anything on it.

        I'm a chef and definitely noticed how quick it rusts. I have used this knife for years now, but only for cutting meat. I can sharpen it to a razor edge which lasts for a very long time. A little mineral oil rub after a hand wash only does the blade great. One of my favorite cleavers.

        Does anyone know anything about this Foshan steel Three Rams Brand #3 cleaver?

        1. Bought my # 3 new at a hardware store in Livermore CA around 1984. Became my long running favorite. Nick named "Wally Cleaver" It does require attention and if you forget it will rust within an hour but scrubs off easily. No knife could replace it. still going strong and expect it to last the rest of my life. Tried to find a history on Foshan and three rams but no luck. Hand made utilitarian style that the chinese expect. Don't care how it looks as long as it works well and this one does. Happy chopping!

          1. Best knife I've ever used. I bought it in the early 1990s at a family owned Chinese grocery in Seattle for $3.95. It's used in place of a paring knife for preparing vegetables; also, for thin-slicing meats for stir fry. I have 2 others that do not match 3 Rams in holding it's sharpness: one that came from a Viet Namese grocery and a stainless knife I purchased in a department store in Chengdu, China. My 3 Rams knife does rust. It shouldn't be washed in the dishwasher. Occasionally, scrub it with scouring powder and rub it down with vegetable oil. Do not try to "season" it as you would a wok because the wooden handle will burn and become loose. Wish I had a couple more of them.