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Apr 13, 2010 08:28 AM

Charlotte - where to buy wine?

Any favorite wine stores?

I've been to Total Wine, Dean & Deluca, WineStore (at Morrison) and a couple of others whose names I don't recall (next to Fiamma restaruant on Park Road and inside one of the BofA buildings on Tryon). I'm specifically looking for a Zinfandel in the $25-35 range for a wine tasting. Closer to Uptown is better.

2418 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

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  1. Are you saying you couldn't find your bottle of Zin at any of those places? I certainly would have thought Total Wine or the Wine Shop (I think thats the name of the place next to Fiamma) would have had something.

    My favorite wine shop is Trader Joe's, but I don't think they have anything that costs $25!

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      I haven't checked either of those yet. It's just that Charlotte is such a driving town that I never stumble across stuff and I was wondering if there were cool places I was missing.

      I hadn't thought about Brawley's for wine - I love it for beer. Also a fan of Common Market on S. Tryon (I like that I can walk there). And Target is good for M-F stuff.

      Looks like Vintner's Market is approx 10 miles from me - is it worth the trip? I rarely have reason to go down that way.

      1. re: Room to Roam

        You might want to check out Laurel Market. Its within walking distance of you (I imagine) and although very small, has an interesting selection of stuff (not just wine). I wouldn't go there depending on getting a specific bottle, but its worth checking out, if you haven't already. Its sort of like a minature Common Market.

    2. Well its a couple of miles from downtown, but Brawley's Beverage has a smaller but well-selected stock. Just tell him you what you want and your price range.

      Vintner Market in the Arboretum (I know, even farther from town) is nice and friendly as well.

      Both of these shops are excellent for beer as well ;-).

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      1. re: billyjack

        I'm going to second Vintner Market. I was there this weekend and I overheard the owner telling someone he was disappointed in sales lately. It's a tough place to find but worth the trip.

      2. Closest to Uptown, Reid's, grab a bottle of Ridge and call it a day! For $20, I love Ed Meades Zin. I sneak Ed Meades in even when people don't want Zinfandel.

        A few other shops that you didn't mention, The Wine Shop at Foxcroft on Fairview, Arthur's , Harris Teeter Morrocroft - Happy drinking!

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        1. re: waitress

          Forgot about Reid's.

          Waitress, do you have a favorite from Ridge Vineyards? Total Wine off Park Rd. has 5 different bottles which fit the price restriction I'm on (it's for a friendly competition).

          I picked up a bottle of Layer Cake Primitivo at Vino 100 (wine store inside B of A building) for my cheaper entry.

          1. re: Room to Roam

            Why forget about Reid's? He said, "wine, uptown."

            In my eyes, Ridge could do no wrong. I love the whole portfolio. For budget, I love the Three Valleys blend, mostly Zin but a handfull of grapes added. Yummy for $20. I also like Lytton Springs & Geyserville.

            1. re: waitress

              The OP was saying, "Oh yeah, I forgot about Reid's, thanks for the reminder."

              1. re: carolinadawg

                thanks for the translation!!! that is funny!

        2. Another suggestion is Common Market in Plaza-Midwood (which I think has a better wine selection than the one in SouthEnd).

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          1. re: ickymettle

            Thanks all! I ended up back at Reid's, after going to Total Wine. Bought several bottles at each place (who can stop at 1?).

            BTW - Reid's are willing to discount a lot of their wines right now to move stock. The bottle I'm going to use for this friendly competition was $40, just outside my preset budget of $25-35. They marked it down for me!

            I also went to Pasta & Provisions - interesting selection of Italian Reds and great bread. So I've found at least one new place to add to my list. I'll try to make it to Vintner's on a future trip.

            Pasta & Provisions
            1528 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

            1. re: Room to Roam

              Try Arthurs in the basement of Belk at SouthPark. They can usually get you anything if they dont have it in stock.

          2. I LOVE Brawley's on Park just past Woodlawn if you are coming from downtown. It is a small place, but they are very friendly and knowledgeable. Although you aren't going to find as many options as you would at a place like Total Wine, you can be sure that the bottle you walk out with is going to be a hit at your next wine tasting!