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Apr 13, 2010 07:48 AM

Good Eats on the way to D.C.

Looking for good eats, nothing too fancy, off 95 on the way to D.C., most likely away from the NY area. It will probably be a late lunch or an early dinner. Open to all cuisines. We're mostly vegetarian but fish or chicken is ok. Any good chowhound rec's? Thanks

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  1. A great crab cake place is in Bel Aire, MD. Box Hill Pizza. It's about five minutes off exit 76. Directions are on its website. Their crab cakes are outstanding; I have several in the freezer, and they won't stay there much longer.

    Also, any Iron Skillet is a good choice. They're at Petro Truck Stops. There's one in NJ at exit 7, maybe one near exit 1. Unfortunately, the one in Elkton is no longer there.

    Truck Stop & Cafe
    732 Jefferson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

    1. I submit that the ultimate, food geek destination along 95 is the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. It's close to the Interstate and, basically, just kicks ass. All hail the roast pork, provalone, and broccali rabe sandwich - you will bow before it!