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Apr 13, 2010 07:37 AM

Is Momo Ko losing its appeal?

I check the momo ko website almost everyday for reservation just for curiosity, (ive never eaten there) and the last couple of weeks I have noticed multiple open slots well past 10 am. Today for example, a 9:50pm Monday ressie is still available at 10:34am. On Sunday (at 4pmish) I saw 5 open slots for 2.

Ive been reading some non favorable reviews recently on here and some serious problems with staff and service. Did this restaurant just have a shtick that people were drawn to, is Chang spreading himself too thin, or has the quality dropped off that much?

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  1. edit - the open slot was filled as I was hitting submit.

    Let me add this as well, The place is selling out every night, but it doesnt seem to be an impossible seat to get anymore.