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Apr 13, 2010 07:34 AM


I have the Weber Q portable BBQ, but want to upgrade to a larger BBQ, but am limited for space. I'm considering the Weber Spirit 310 - wanted the Genesis Silver A as recommended by CI, but it is discontinued. Anyone have the Spirit and would you recommend it? Would get the new Genesis, but it's far too large for my back deck.


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  1. Genesis and bigger is made in the USA.

    Spirit is made in China,

    Ducane is also made by Weber in China. Has the same warranty and customer service is handled by regular Weber CS. But I think it looks better and has more options.

    Ducane is available at Ace Hardware stores or online.

    Ducane 3400 is a tad smaller and cheaper than Spirit but comes with Rotisserie Burner with Rotisserie and Smoker Attachment.

    $493 delivered.

    1. We have a Spirit. We bought it to replace our old Genesis, since we realized that we really didn't need a grill that big or expensive. We only grill for two to four people, as I refuse to stand outside in 105 degree Texas sunshine and grill for my pool parties.

      It seems to be about the same quality as the Genesis, minus some grill space and a few small features that we would never use (rotisserie). I don't think it really matters where it was made from this point of view, as it seems to be up to par for a Weber. I would only hesitate if you grill for more people and/or really want the Genesis because you need to have one. I might add that unless space is REALLY tight (balcony?) the footprint isn't all that different, to be practical. It's not like you can sit next to a grill when it is in use anyway.

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        Where it is made matters quite a bit.

        That is why all the very best grills are made in North America, 99% of all the c%$! is made in China, and some decent grills are made in Australia.

        Consinstency of fabrication as well as raw materials are better here.

        True, some lower end American made models may import their SS from China. But QC is here. They inspect the batch to make sure the SS is up to par and fabricate here.

        1. re: DeeAgeaux

          I love my Spirit and my kettle. As long as Weber stands behind their product, it's ok by me.

          1. re: DeeAgeaux

            Just saw your post, sorry for the delay.

            I disagree. Maybe where it is made matters for some products, but this is my fourth Weber gas grill, and we find that the quality of this Spirit is just as good as the last Genesis and the prior two. We have had it for more than a year now, and think that Weber has managed to keep their quality up over the years. Your experience may be applicable for cookware or other items, but to dismiss the Spirit because it may not be made here in the US is really jumping to conclusions. Since you obviously don't own one of these, I am surprised that you felt compelled to comment on the OP's original question. He/She asked specifically for comments on people's experience with the Spirit. Since some of us have owned both the Genesis and the Spirit, we are in a unique position to respond based on actual experience.

            That said, I admire your loyalty to US made products, but I really think the issue here is that Weber has managed to keep their quality up on this lower end model. The generalizations you have offered about stainless steel don't seem to apply, and I don't see how that is responsive to the OP's question.

            1. re: RGC1982

              Agreed. I'm not too concerned with where a product is assembled, as long as it's a quality product, with quality customer support and service. This grill has served a good friend of mine well for a while now, and I find it to be a fantastic value.

              1. re: RGC1982

                I don't own Chinese crap because there is no point in buying it.

                I have seen friends and family who buy Chinese crap only to fall apart shortly thereafter.

                I do have friends that have purchased Spirit and Ducane. I said if they have to buy cheap then get these because Weber will back it up. Costco is not good at replacing parts but will take back Chinese made grills that fall apart.

                I agree that Weber made products in China are less crappy than other Chinese grills.

                The generalizations absolutely do apply.

                All we can make are generalizations as we cannot inspect and comment on a specific grill.

                Saying that all Chinese Webers are of equal quality to US made Webers is not a generaliztion and a jump to conclusions?

                I own a Honda made in Japan.

                I am not all that attached to US made products.

                I just don't like crap.

                And that label perfectly describes 99% of Chinese made grills.

                1. re: DeeAgeaux

                  "All we can make are generalizations as we cannot inspect and comment on a specific grill."

                  plenty of people are in the position of being able to comment on a specific grill, with no need for sweeping generalizations. just as i have in the above post.


            Built like a bank vault, not very big, retains heat wonderfully. I really enjoy mine.