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Apr 13, 2010 07:12 AM

One night in Indy

Wifey and I have an overnight in Indy, we are looking for something different. Arent into the steak and chop thing so Elmos is out and are thinking something along the line R Bistro, Palamino, Tatas, 14 West ,Oakley, etc. odd thing is we like to sit at the bar when traveling to chat it up w whomever. I know weird. We are also checking out alcatraz Brewery, Scottys, Upland and City market while we are there. Anything we are missing?


R Bistro
888 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

14 West Cafe
14 W Chicago St, Coldwater, MI 49036

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  1. Try Zing for something different

    1. Oakley's has a kitchen table seating where you can watch them cook. Not sure how much interaction there is, but the food is some of the best in Indy, in my opinion. If you are staying downtown though, you'll need a car to get there.
      For dining at the bar and chatting, Palominos has a pretty big bar (my hubby and I have eaten at the bar a few times). I believe 14 West also has a nice bar area, but I haven't sat there myself.

      1. You might try Dunaway's.

        1. One night in Indy - it might be helpful to know if you're staying downtown, northside, or where... otherwise you might be spending half your night in the car.

          Most of the places you've mentioned are downtown - R Bistro (I would highly recommend and you can sit at the bar), and Palomino (nice bar area too and good food). I don't know of Tata's but Barcelona Tapas is on Delaware and it's very good (and has a nice bar). Oceanaire could be another option - very good seafood and a bar too...

          Oakley's is on the north-west side - very good and the chef table is a lot of fun.

          As to brewery's, Scotty's (downtown) is fun and they serve Sun King - a new local brew getting lots of buzz. Barley Island just opened in Broad Ripple - a microbrewery (the youngest cookiefiend is a huge fan of their Muscles in Brussels), Brugge Brasserie is also up there - moules frites and crepes are specialties and they also brew their own beers. Upland is in Bloomington (way south) but there is a tasting room on N College - also known as SoBro (South Broad Ripple). Broad Ripple has tons of bars.

          I would second the rec for Zing.

          Have fun!

          R Bistro
          888 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

          Brugge Brasserie
          1011 E Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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          1. re: Cookiefiend

            Just to add onto Cookiefiend's comments... even within the downtown area, there are several clusters of restaurants. There are some in the Circle Center area a couple blocks south of the circle (the Oceanaire, 14 West, Palomino - all of which are on the same block as Circle Center but have entrances from the street, not the indoor mall); there are others along Mass Ave extending northeast from the circle (R Bistro); and still others along 11th/12th Streets northwest of the circle (Euphoria). Those downtown areas are just spread out enough that it's quite a looooong walk from, say, the Hyatt to R Bistro. Broad Ripple is north of downtown around 60th St or so (Meridian), and there's still more stuff further north (Oakley's) and in outlying towns (Peterson's, although it's a steakhouse which you're not interested in).

            Oakley's Bistro is still my favorite, with delicious food and a lot of fun in the dishes (shrimp corn dogs, lobster waffles, etc). It's up on 86th Street. R Bistro is very good too; the have a bar with half a dozen stools as you first enter. The Oceanaire is my go-to place for seafood, and they have a great bar along one side of the dining room, with a low partition between the bar area and the dining seating. I would be a little hesitant about trying 14 West right now; the chef, Layton Roberts, left recently and I haven't heard about them hiring a replacement yet.

            If the night you're in Indy is a Sunday, beware - almost all of the nice restaurants are closed on Sundays. The Oceanaire is a notable exception.

            1. re: nsxtasy

              Wow seems like a lot of these places are destination dining type spot, were gonna be in shorts and collered shirts as were attending the Indians game that night so we might have to do something more informal

              1. re: cheezscott

                You'll be fine at Palomino (great bar), Barcelona Tapas, Adobo Grill and any of the brewery type places (Scotty's, Alcatraz, Ram, etc).

                The Indians games are such fun and Victory Field is amazing, Have one of the Oaken Barrel's special Indians beer. Go Indians!

                1. re: cheezscott

                  If you are headed to the game, I agree with Cookiefiend's recs- Palominos is probably where you would find me! Have fun.