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Apr 13, 2010 07:04 AM

Bartlett Pear--new in Easton

We ate at this 6 month old restaurant in Easton last week on the reccommendation of friends. Kevin Lloyd the chef has an interesting menu, with many ingredients noted as being from the surrounding Eastern Shore. Several different salads with local organic ingredients. The dining room is done in soft grey and white with lots of light. It looks like there is an outdoor patio, but it was cool the night we were there and I didn't go out.
We had the Duck Trio, a homemade duck pate, duck fois mousse, and duck procuitto which was excellent. The homemade bread comes with sweet butter with a few sprinkles of Hawaiian red salt on it. Heavenly.
Kevin gets in a few fresh Dover Sole from France each week and we had one reserved. It serves two. We enjoyed it. Its served with brown butter, and I added a little extra lemon to add some more flavor.
We had a chocolate thing for dessert as well as a passionfruit sorbet with meringue.
Coffee is served in a French press.
I would definately go back.

The Bartlett Pear is also a B n B.

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  1. I agree. Excellent quality and delicious!!!

    1. We dined at Bartlett Pear Inn in Nov., we stayed at the Tidewater Inn just down the street. We had a wonderful meal there, we also dined at Mason's next door, it was great also but not as good as Bartlett Pear Inn. :)

      1. My wife and I just returned from a terrific weekend at this wonderful inn. The accommodations and food are world class and we will definitely return again. The chef focuses as much as possible on the best local ingredients such as Chincoteague oysters, Maryland rock fish, heirloom tomatoes, and other specialties. We loved the 5 course tasting menu which at $60 is an amazing value. This menu would cost at least double or triple at many other of the world's better restaurants. And the wine list is well composed with many world regions included at fair prices.
        It is also a superb B & B with lots of comfort and quietness.
        This place is worth a special trip. Not to be missed by anyone who is serious about world class food and excellent inns.