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Apr 13, 2010 06:45 AM

Five Guys coming to Norwalk

420 Westport Avenue (Staples Shopping Center) - permits have been pulled

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  1. Yawn.

    Less than 5 miles from the westport location. overcooked hamburger goalposts. Thanks for the update though.

    Good news is maybe this now goes on the Chains Board.

    1. This is not good news. I recently came back to the states after a few weeks in Europe. My incoming flight took me to Dulles International. On the way to my connecting flight, I walked passed a Five Guys in Terminal A and had to stifle a gag reflex: the overpowering smell of fat and grease was quite a shock to my system.

      I'll pass on this fast-food outlet.

      1. Shoe-leather city. And these people REFUSE to cook the food less than well-well done! And they will not explain why!

        1. If you're in Norwalk and crave a burger, go to Burger Bar & Bistro. It's the best burger in the state. Five Guys is where you go if your other choice is McDonald's.

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          1. re: coldduck

            I would have to disagree that Burger Bar is the best burger in the state. We've eaten there a couple of times...mediocre burgers at best.
            I do agree with your assessment of Five Guys.

            1. re: coldduck

              jfood would agree that Burger Bar has a top 10 in FFD CTY, but best in state is a ranking jfood would push back on significantly.


              1. re: jfood

                My husband & I recently found a GREAT burger in Norwalk, surprising as it, BJ Ryans. It's right in the center of Norwalk in the location that used to the Brass Rail (around the corner from fat cat). The Burgers are simple, very reasonable & excellent. Jfood I'm interested in hearing your opnion.

                1. re: sfoss17

                  We thought it was a pretty weak burger overall. And thought it was a little weird how it was brought all by itself on a little bread plate with a huge slab of raw white onion. I know others here like BJ Ryans...we were pretty unimpressed....

            2. Nothing to get excited about here.
              It's a _hamburger_, and a rather average fast-food one at that. Really hard for me to understand how this chain manages to generate so much buzz with so little to back it up.

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              1. re: The Professor

                5G got a lot of national exposure when Obama dropped in for lunch in DC during NBC news' Day in the Life of the President. I have heard that the DC iteration is the best probably cuz they started there and have a cult following in DC and Virginia. The local media has extolled them and USA Today (DC based) has published couple of puff pieces. A case of The Emporer's New Burger, IMO

                1. re: louuuuu

                  We ate at the original location years ago, before they were all over the planet--and we thought it was pretty good (not hurry back, but pretty good) for fast food burger and fries. Fast forward several years: went into the one at Dulles for a quick bite before boarding. Awful, by comparison to previous experience. On par w/MD, BK, all the other mediocre chains, imo.