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Apr 13, 2010 02:26 AM

Anzio / Nettuno

Hi folks.

Planning a day trip to Anzio / Nettuno on Saturday. Any suggestions for a great seafood lunch? I've done some Googling and most of the popular and/or really recommended places seem out of my price range or too upmarket for the casual afternoon I have in mind.

We'll have a car so it doesn't need to necessarily be easily accessible by public transport.

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  1. Pierino is great but you have probably discovered and eliminated it.

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    1. re: mbfant

      Thanks! I saw a few people have said its 'too expensive' but I'm not sure if it's doable at stretch for us or just out of the question. About how much are primi / secondi?

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        I think Erica another poster here tried and recommended Da Rodo in Nettuno a couple of years ago. Its a pick in Fred Plotkin's book. - maybe he will surface for a minute for an Anzio/Nettuno update.

        Whole fish and some of the pricier seafood really can drive up the price of eating in these coastal places. Pick carefully and order the house wine and you should do fine.

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          The restaurant where Da Rodo used to be is now called Il Ritrovo, and while just about serviceable, is not somewhere I'd seek out or recommend. Wish I'd gone for one of the more well-known Anzio spots! My cheapness strikes again :)

    2. This is Fred Plotkin checking in. Da Rodo in Nettuno has changed hands. For your reference, I will be in Rome and Southern Lazio in late July doing updating of my notes and will post anything notable on my web site and try to get a comment up for Chow readers too. Also for your reference, fish and seafood prices have shot up in Italy because of ever higher demand and depleted supplies. In May it was decided to have more days of Fermo Pesca (complete shutdown of fishing) to try to give stocks a chance to replenish. It will take more than that. THey have proposed having no more fritto misto di mare for a while so that these foods can try to come back. A great conundrum, but the answer is obvious. Choose smaller fish at the lower end of the food chain. They are more abundant, less contaminated with mercury and PCPs, and more sustainable. If we stop thinking of tuna and swordfish as alternates to beef (which is how they are promoted) and allow these noble fishes a few years to recover, we will do ourselves and them a great favor.

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        Fred you are so right about the fishes! When will you be here and how can I contact you directly?

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          vinoroma, I'm not going to presume to speak for Fred Plotkin, but in case he doesn't see your post, I'll note that he has posted on previous occasions that he can be reached through the contacts given on his website,

          1. re: barberinibee

            oh thank you, I know his site, but wasn't sure if I could contact him there - thanks for alerting me that he has indeed said so earlier!