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Apr 12, 2010 11:41 PM

Airport food: SEA or SFO?

I have my choice of layovers for an upcoming flight - all others things are equal. Which terminal would be a better place to spend two hours for dinner - SEA or SFO? I have bad luck with out of terminal options. I've never been to Anthony's but it sounds more promising than Anchor Brewing in SFO.

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  1. The fish tacos at the SEA Anthony's are my regular airport lunch.

    1. Seattle, I think. I only remember lousy food at SFO. Also, it is larger with more terminals, so it's easier to get around SEA.

      1. As someone that goes through Sea-Tac about 5-6 times per year, Anthony's has never disappointed, and should be regarded as one of the better airport options in the U.S. - fresh fish, reasonably priced wines by airport standards, and a nice setting in the Pacific Marketplace.

        1. We have always had good luck at Anthony's in the airport. Nice service and they will let you sit there and not rush you. Also all things being equal you run the risk of fog and delays at SFO.

          1. SEA is much better. As many have said, Anthony's is very good for airport food. Plus, there are good places to drink some local brews or some wine and there are some good shopping places there too, like Fireworks.