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Apr 12, 2010 10:11 PM

Vancouver couple looking for a one stop food souvenir shop for UK goodies in Birmingham

We are looking for a high end food market or ideally a higher end food area in a department store where we can pick up some nice English teas, candies, cheese, marmalade and biscuits to bring home. Are their any other suggestionns for food souvenirs we can bring back? Any suggested brands/types we buy of the items noted?

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  1. I think it is tricky in Birmingham. One you could try is "Harvey Nichols" ( which is pretty upmarket and does have a food hall, and I am certain it will be good for teas, preserves ect but maybe not cheese. "Selfridges Department" store also has one, but I think it may be lots of franchises, the oldest was in a depatment store called Rackhams which has now become "House of Fraser" in the town centre, I have not been for years but it used to be a grand old food hall in the tradition of Harrods with lots of great displays of fresh food.

    A bit further south of Birmingham is the Daylsford Farm shop ( this is a long long drive but it is where the well off live and thus pretty good for fresh food. .

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      I don't think House of Fraser shops offer food halls any more. My local Selfridges is pretty good for upmarket "special" foodie treats.

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        Harters: that is what I thought, but their web site lists a food hall in the Birmingham branch along with a cafe and restaurant (

    2. Waitrose is the top supermarket and has a great range of the sort of things you say you are looking for, eg Fudges' biscuits. There is a branch locator at which will help you find one, and you can check out the products too.

      You will also get excellent quality foods from Marks & Spencer. Its a while since I have been in one, but they used to have all the items you ask for.

      Better than either of these will be to go into a good delicatessen. There is bound to be at least a couple on the main streets somewhere (sorry, its over 10 years since I was there). A quick search brought up but there will be plenty more.