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Which foods give you bad breath?

For me, everytime I eat a Greek Gyro ( I love that meat) I get bad breath. The same goes for badly prepared carne asada. Which foods give you bad breath?

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  1. Things that most people consider is foods with raw onions and garlic. Things that most people don't consider is dairy products i.e. milk, eggs & cheese as well as minerally meats like liver & fatty meats like pork according to my dentist, who also said that most anything will give you bad breath from bacteria if you don't floss & brush your tongue.

    1. High-fat meats are the worst offenders for me, especially when seasoned with garlic. Lamb gives me the worst breath in the world!

      Also raw onions and raw red peppers.


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        If Lamb gives you bad breath...you should have a nice piece of mutton with garlic cloves shoved in it. Ah, deliciously gamey, and definitely not a date dish!

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          My husband loves lamb, I do not. After a meal of lamb, I insist he wash his face and brush his teeth, immediately!

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            funny... my mom does the same thing to my stepdad after he has sushi...

        2. I don't know if my breath is bad, but my mouth tastes like garbage when I'm done eating Chinese food.

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          1. A few years ago I read a blog about butler training - talking about working in high class households in London or NYC - said you absolutely couldn't eat onions, garlic or curry within 24 hours of waiting on your employers because it comes out your pores.

            Worst breath I ever had was after the first time making Julia Child's onion soup about 20 years ago - it took so long I ate a big bowl without doing any of the bread/cheese/vermouth requirements, put the cooled soup in the frig and woke up with onion essence exuding from the roof of my mouth and every pore in my body. The soup was excellent, and after all the additions I never had a problem - but I'll never drink that incredible combo of concentrated beef stock and caramelized onions again. The whole point was to make an incredibly rich stock and then dilute. I'm sure I not only had bad breath, but smelled for days.

            1. Add coffee to the list. The crappier the coffee, the worse the breath.

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                Ditto on coffee. I love Bahn-mis but Bahn-mi breath can be pretty pungent. I also personally dislike peanuts on the breath, although it isn't bad breath per se. Too bad the bf looooves him some peanuts. He has to brush his teeth before we get smoochy.

                      1. Durian. Smelly breath, smelly fingers, smelly car, smelly elevator...

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                          you pretty much emit stink from every pore of your body when you eat that stuff.

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                            It's scary stuff. And I have to pretend that I like it when I'm at the in-laws in Malaysia...

                        2. It's funny, one rarely can smell one's own breath, but in all my years, the only times I've ever had someone openly say something to me was after drinking. I think the addition of alcohol adds to the smell even if it's not something you necessarily ate recently. I remember recently I was out having some beers and I burped. I had had peanut butter about 6 hours before, brushed my teeth and even had a mint before going out. Oh my goodness, it was horrible. I made very sure not to do that again.

                          The only foods/drinks that I have noticed it on my self are certain deep red wines, mutton, and on occasion some really ripe onions. People say Stilton, Roquefort give you bad breath, but I think that's more the individual not liking those cheeses.

                          1. Kimchi!! The taste is worth having bad breath, although my SO would diasgree.

                            1. Every Thursday night after our jour fixe at the local Sichuan haunt. It's the heaping amounts of garlic, onions, hot peppers, and other stuff. I can taste the food all night, and I'm pretty sure everyone else around me can smell it. But I don't care. Yeah, it's THAT good.

                              Also, my man used to hate when I got the Wegmans broccoli, bacon, cheddar & red onion salad. I think the vile breath comes mostly from the raw onions, though.

                              Two people I've had the non-pleasure working for had breath so bad, it would make your eyes water... the culprit in each case? Coffee and tea, respectively. Incredible how horrific it can make you stink. I always brush my teeth after drinking coffee....

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                                I was just going to post "coffee"! Never had that experience w/tea though.

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                                  I think in both cases it's b/c of the dehydrating effect. That'll give you some nasty-ass breath.

                              2. I've never noticed a problem with lamb or curry.

                                Agree with the other usual suspects though:
                                onions, garlic, coffee, certain kinds of cheese.

                                Surprised noone seems to have mentioned sugary drinks, like orange juice, grape juice, sodas.
                                Also, other dairy products - milk, ice cream.

                                1. Raw cauliflower. I especially like chomping on the stem, which most people throw away. But darn, talk about ash-mouth!