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Apr 12, 2010 06:55 PM

MPLS foodie in STL for a week.....

Looking for interesting chow. I'm here now (so my dining plans are very last minute - should have thought of posting sooner!) and will likely be dining alone. I'd love to know where the locals go, anything uniquely "St. Louis" - high end, low brow - anything goes. Also, I love a good wine bar so if anyone has any rec's that would be fantastic. Lastly, I'm at the downtown Hilton but willing to venture if truly worthy.

Thanks hounds!

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  1. Well, I am sure others will chime in, as I am newer to the area. But:

    If you have a car or are willing to cab it: The Hill area is well known for Italian. Some of the places I think are touristy, but others are worth going to. Several price points available. My faves are actually slightly off the Hill, Trattoria Marcella and LoRusso's Cucina, both on Watson I believe. The Hill is cetainly a quintessential St. Louis experience. St. Louis style pizza would be another...lots of places serve it. It uses a special cheese called provel (not provolone) which is an synthesis of several cheeses, and has a lower melting point. It's not my fave, but locals love it mostly. Imo's is the biggest purveyor of it. As for wine bars, on Locust there is a great new place called The Bridge Tap House, great vibe, good food and well worth a visit for a drink. In that general area Washington Ave. has many dining choices - these tend to be more upscale and geared toward those who live in the nearby loft district, so not really St. Louis oriented. There's a great breakfast place on Locust called Rooster, it's right next to the Bridge. Finally, not far from downtown is Soulard, a charming residential area that has a number of restaurants. Short cab ride, and many choices. I like Molly's. Tucker's is not bad for a decent, not stunning, but reasonably priced steak in an old-world atmosphere. Hope this gets you started. Lots more for sure.

    I think most would agree the place for foodies is Niche in Benton Park. A few miles from downtown, hard to get a res for, esp. on the weekend. But WELL worth it.

    In no order:

    Trattoria Marcella
    3600 Watson Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63109

    1. You don't mention which Hilton you are in (there are 2 downtown, one of which has a pleasant restaurant called 410 Olive) and you don't mention if you have a car.

      If you have a car, I would go where motorcyles and beer have inspired a truly unique restaurant where the food is the focus and the decor looks like a shabby VFW hall. Motorcyles are made of iron and beer is made from barley. The restaurant is named "Iron Barley", and, yes, the do cook in an iron skillet and, yes, barley is a frequent side dish there.

      It is south of downtown, off of I-55.

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        Forgive the oversight - being from elsewhere I didn't know there were 2 Hiltons downtown. I am indeed at the "Olive" location & tried it last night. Don't have a car, but that's not a factor. Willing to cab it, or I understand there are public transportation options. Thanks for the rec's.

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          So, the curious among us wonder what gastronomic choices you have made thus far? :)