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Apr 12, 2010 06:45 PM

Suggestions for storage container for cookie gifts?

I love to make all kinds of baked goods and people love getting treats, but I never know quite what to use for packaging them up. Most baked goods really need to be kept in a fairly airtight container to keep them at their best, but a ziploc bag or disposable plastic container isn't the nicest presentation. Any suggestions on packaging that isn't expensive but will keep the treats fresh? Preferably something that's easy to keep on hand. I don't have the room to store a bunch of cookie tins or glass containers. And this is just for localized giving - don't need to ship the goods or anything like that.

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  1. I give baked goods for gifts alot. Not sure if you have a dollar tree or similar store near you but that's where I buy decorative plastic jars with wide screw lids and tins (like you find butter cookies) for my goodies. Cheap & nice.

    1. I buy cellophane "corsage" bags from a floral supply warehouse. Put the goodies in them and tie with a fancy ribbon. They take up no room, come in varied sizes and look very professional. Just make sure they are cellophane and not plastic.

      1. I sometimes find very small and colorfully decorated bags (they look like miniature shopping bags with loop handles and all) at the dollar store and other outlets (sometimes in gift shops or greeting card stores) and use them for the purpose you describe. Lining them with a piece of tissue paper (like the stuff you put inside gift boxes) adds a bit of a formal touch to the presentation. I also close the bag by tying the loop handles together with curling ribbon.

        1. Craft stores, like AC Moore and Michael's, have cellophane candy and pretzel bags. There's often a 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper. These are smallish but good for cookies.

          I've found larger ones decorated for holidays (Christmas trees, hearts, snowflakes) at party or paper supply stores. Those are better for breads.

          1. Any sort of handled gift bag and tissue paper, with the ziploc bag of goodies nestled inside is very easy & festive looking, simple to have on hand for any appropriate occasion, and the goodies stay fresh (and the bag itself can be re-used by the giftie at a later date, if s/he so chooses).