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Apr 12, 2010 04:33 PM

Oh Frank Bruni, How We Miss Ye

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  1. I have absolutely no problem with Sifton reviewing KFC. I'm never going to eat that fried monstrosity, but I'm still curious about it. And while I was (and am) a big fan of Bruni, I've never forgiven this:

    Fine, review a steakhouse in a strip club, if you must. But does the tone have to be so off-puttingly nudge, nudge, wink, wink? Ugh. And the slide show contains eight pictures, of which exactly one is of the food. If you want me to look at breasts in a restaurant review, they should be part of a chicken.

    1. i'm struck by the irony of the *placement* of the actual review in Diner's's directly below a Mark Bittman entry about buying sustainable seafood :)

      1. Right, because there's no need for whimsy in the Times. Or writing something directly applicable to how a lot of people eat.

        Gawker could not possibly be more destructive. I have no idea how people can actually work in an environment totally devoted in every way towards distributing bad karma. I wonder what made Nick Denton such an unhappy person.

        1. Sifton is growing on me, and I'm glad that he's reviewing a much more diverse array of restaurants than I can recall the Times ever doing.

          All things must change, for better or worse.

          P.S. That Bruni review of the steakhouse in a strip club was one of my favorite reviews by him ever.

          1. Wait, so he's not allowed to like KFC?

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              Like it? He's not allowed to even REVIEW it, according to some. Nor is he allowed to review Nello:


              This restaurant is too upscale! This restaurant is too downscale! The Hater Hounds will never be satisfied.