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Apr 12, 2010 03:21 PM

need michys tasting menu tips

dinner at michys tomorrow night- first time

want to get tasting menu for me and my husband

any recs for how many courses, also do they pair with wine?


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  1. I've never actually done the tasting menu at Michy's so I can't quite tell you, though it seems by their multiple pricing options you will have different options. I usually get 3 half- orders there + share a dessert for the table and, depending on what dishes I order, am slightly peckish afterwards - though lately some of the 1/2 courses have gotten larger (and are now called "Plates of Resistance," which is to me not the most appetizing name, but anyway ...). They may do more courses with smaller platings for the tasting menu.

    It is always fun to put yourself in the chef's hands for the evening, but if I may make a few suggestions, some old some new, based on a recent visit a couple weeks ago ->

    - the white gazpacho is a wonderful dish.
    - I also still very much enjoy the bibb salad with jalapeƱo ranch dressing and crispy onions.
    - loved the fennel-dusted sweetbreads with a px sherry & apple reduction and salsify; any sweetbread dish at Michy's is outstanding, but I really liked this version,
    - I also really liked the grilled cobia with uni risotto and citrus brown butter, also a new dish (for me anyway).
    - the polenta w bacon & poached egg, the short ribs, and the ricotta bolognese "lasagna" are are still good as well.

    They have a good selection wines by the glass (and beers incidentally) and will probably happily put together pairings.

    6927 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138

    1. no matter what you do you must get the baked alaska for dessert.