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looking for great indian pickles and chutneys

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What are your favourite Indian pickles and chutneys? One other question - Loblaws no longer seems to be carrying the Patak's Lime Pickle I love. Has anyone else noticed it's been scarce? Thoughts and recommendations welcome. Thanks!

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  1. I'm also looking for chutney, specifically Swad brand chutneys. Anyone seen them around?

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      Indian store on Bloor just west of Ossington on the south side of the street next to some nail beautifying place. Has a broad range including Swad...and an assortment of other indian brands...

      other side of the street a bit further down, the bulk food store opposite Long and McQuade usually has a reasonable range of Pataks. But Pataks you should really be able to find in pretty much any big grocery...loblaws just has gotten shitty at keeping things in stock (cutting costs).

    2. I've noticed a shortage of Patak product at loblaws as well. I like Patak's chilli pickle the best.
      Chutney wise, if it's not homemade product, we like Shah's mint and coriander chutneys. I think we tried Nirav's coriander chutney once but didn't like it as much. Other household hits include Maggi Masala Chilli Sauce (looks like ketchup but brother it ain't ketchup!), and a sweeter green chilli sauce from Sri Lanka, MD brand. I tend to pick this stuff up at smaller Indian groceries, like the one at Dufferin & Center, or the shops along Goreway.

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        I am not too fond of Patak's but like a brand called Priya ( usually only found in Indian Groceries).They are mega hot.Also the Maggi Masala Chilli Sauce and Maggi Hot and Sweet are always handy to have.