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Apr 12, 2010 02:55 PM

Do you think there is a difference between fond produced from tin-lined vs. stainless-lined copper?

I know I can scrape around on my SS if I like, but of course not with a tin-lined pan. Do you find there a difference in the quality of fond? It'll be interesting to hear your responses!

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  1. dost. I don't have real experience, but stainless steel can be heat up to a much higher temperature than tin. Tin melts at 23soC (450F) and it get soften at a much lower temperature than that. So you can not really cook your foods any hotter than your oven, which can affect the way you form your fonds. Maybe just a gut feelings, but I think fonds formed at a very low temperature is not quiet as good as the fonds formed at a higher temperature.