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Business Dinner for 10 within walking distance of the Sofitel?

I am looking for a good restaurant pick for dinner for about 10 folks in early June - we'll be spending our day (and staying) at the Sofitel on South 17th Street.

Crowd is in their mid-30's to mid-40's.

I am open to suggestions but looking for a nice place for dinner/drinks and not too concerned about budget. We have done steakhouses, french, and traditional American fare. Would consider expanding the repetoire but mostly interested in strong quality, atmosphere and walking distance.



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  1. Davio's, Tinto, Parc, La Croix, Estia, R2L(have not been, but magnificent city views, think reviews of food have been varied. There's a start for you at least, sure more experienced CH's will have many more good suggestions.

      1. I don't think that Tinto or Parc would be suitable for a business dinner.

        Meritage is a good choice.

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          I did hesitate with Tinto, but thought downstairs was a little less casual, haven't been in awhile though.

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            I think it depends on the crowd. If OP wants a hip place where everyone can unwind, eat, share food, drink, and have a good time, Tinto would be great. If OP is looking for a more conservative business dinner, it might not be ideal. If the crowd was 20s-30s Tinto would be a no brainer, with the OPs age group it depends on their preferences.

        2. My vote would be for The Prime Rib, at 15th & Locust.

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            Prime Rib would be a great place, and very close by.
            Comfortable, good drinks and food, and liked by all ages.

          2. Davio's is across the street and while I've only been there twice (on business), the food was quite good.

            1. Table 31 at Comcast Center - Their private dining room seats up to 12 and is a great place to go if the conversation needs to continue over the meal. I work less than a block from there and we have had several successful business dinners there since they opened. Talk to Britney -she's very helpful. http://www.table-31.com/

              Sansom Street Oyster House might be another nice option, although it can get very loud, so would not reccomend if formal conversation extends beyond business hours. This is your choice if all 10 are serious seafood lovers. http://www.oysterhousephilly.com/

              Le Castagne doesn't get mentioned a lot, but we absolutely love their Northen Italian menu. and it is not too far. http://www.lecastagne.com/sitev9.html

              Devon Seafood Grill is consistently good, with the added advantage of being right off Rittenhouse, in case your evening wants to end with drinks at another venue. Another seafood-centric menu, but they also have poultry, steaks and chops on the offer. http://www.devonseafood.com/home.aspx...

              Good luck!

              1. I would suggest 1682 in Palomar across street. Great space and nice bar.
                Got a good review recently. Love Morimoto or Union Trust. Union Trust expanded menu and has some great non steakhouse fare. Also the PDR, I have rented for meetings and holds 12 looks over restaurant. Also 2nd Le Castagne. The have a back area that is very quiet not a separate room. Also the Logan room at fountain is always a winner. Report back.

                1. I would suggest Parc (for the atmosphere - getting a table by a window sounds nice) or Davio's (northern italian steakhouse).

                  I would also disagree with bringing a business party to Meritage - it's too dark, cozy, romantic, smaller plates that force you to share in my opinion. Would recommend on another occasion though!

                  Haven't been to R2L yet - but seems like it is something comes to mind when thinking of a nice business dinner.

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                    I wouldn't recommend Parc for this, it's really noisy, a group of 10 may be unable to carry on a conversation. I've had trouble hearing the server when they're 2 feet away.

                    R2L is a good suggestion, the view is great, they have a large table in a smaller room off the main room, I saw a group of maybe 14 people there one time. The food is pretty good too (not great, but there are some gems on the menu).