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Apr 12, 2010 02:34 PM

Place for a high-end lunch with plenty of natural light

Hello people

Long-time lurker who's been enjoying the information and is now seeking some specific advice.

It's my wife's 30th birthday in May and her parents want to take us plus her sister+partner out for a Saturday lunch somewhere nice. Budget is not really a consideration.

My wife wants to go somewhere with lots of natural light - potentially with a view - and good, European food. We've been to Galvin at Windows and Rhodes 24 and preferred the latter, but I suspect the former is better on a Saturday. Can you think of anywhere that would suit better than Windows? Last year we had a lovely meal at The Gun but that was for her 29th and this is, well, her 30th.

Some other considerations: my sister-in-law is a vegetarian, and my mother-in-law prefers relatively quiet, relaxed places where you can hear one another talk.

I can think of plenty of restaurants that can fit these last considerations, but none of them really do it on the airy/light side of things. Help!



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  1. I came in to recommend Windows so that was pointless!

    There's the Oxo Tower, but that's certainly not as good (food-wise) as either of the above. I've not been but I remember from photos that Apsleys has a conservatory type glass ceiling which would be nice and bright I imagine. If you're willing to go on a bit of a trip, how about The Sportsman in Whitstable?

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      L'anima is nice and airy, and pretty flawless at what it does.

    2. River Cafe, Roka in Charlotte St (particularly if it's a nice day and the open the doors right out -although that doesn't really fulfill the European food brief!). Le Cafe Anglais in Bayswater.

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        Break the bank...but it is her birthday after all. The Greenhouse?

      2. How about the Luxe in Spitalfields or the Boundary in Shoreditch (lovely rooftop)

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        1. re: cjlands

          Thanks all. We live in Spitalfields and work in Liverpool St so I'm going to rule out those suggestions, which are all good ones.

          We enjoyed the Greenhouse when we went there, I will suggest that too - it was night and we were in the private room so I remember it as quite dark and intimate. Is it in fact as much a light and airy place as its name implies?

          River Cafe is a good idea too, will consider. It's further to go but we haven't been there so....

          1. re: Tripowski

            How about The Ledbury. I had a fabulous dinner there last week. The room seems like it would be light during the day.

        2. River Cafe and Cafe Anglais are great suggestions. You might also look into La Petite Maison in Mayfair. No view but it is extremely light and airy and great for lunch.

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          1. re: abryan

            Thanks, we went with the Ledbury in the end as the vege tasting menu and general reviews look good....

            Will report back!

            1. re: Tripowski

              I think you'll be happy. I have reserved again for dinner when I return to London in June.