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Does any one know where the San Marzano tomatoes are carried? Can't find them anywhere.

Thank you.

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  1. Whole Foods has them. I go to the one at 10th and South St. but I'd guess they have them at other locations too.

    1. You can also get them at Claudio's in the Italian Market. I am also pretty sure they have them at the Acme in South Philly along with all the other "ethnic" Italian products.

      1. DiBruno's has DOP San Marzano tomates. I think they're 3 cans (28 fl. oz.) for $5.

        1. Genuardi's has them also

            1. they are in superfresh too.

              1. I buy Cento brand at Shop Rite all the time. Just check the labels because Cento also sells a "San Marzano Variety" that is not the real DOP certified.

                1. Thanks everyone. I usually go to Trader Joe's and Walmart. Will def check the stores listed.


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                    And for all you folks in the Dublin/Perkasie area, the good ol' Shop'n'Bag in Dublin has them, too.

                  2. You can also find the DOC San Marzano tomatoes at Bova Foods in Chalfont

                    1. Fresh Market in Glen Mills carries them.

                      1. I just order them on-line by the case. Cheaper and easier that way!