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Apr 12, 2010 01:25 PM

Where to eat near Grafton, ON?

Hey Chows!

I'm heading out to St. Anne's Spa on Wednesday. Does anyone know of a great place to have lunch in Grafton or on the way there off the 401?

Lisa - The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide @

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  1. Try either Daizie's or Buttermilk Cafe, both on the main street of Cobourg, which is highway 2 on your way to St. Annes. Check out their menus and choose, very different menus but both have very good food. My Wifes preference for you would be Daizie's.

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      Thanks for the reco Lefty! I checked out Daizie's online and the food is pretty affordable and organic - bonus :) It looks pretty healthy too and I love how they have the nutritional information on the menu.

      Lisa - The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide @