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Apr 12, 2010 12:19 PM

Cook Your Own Cabo?

My girlfriend and I are headed down to Cabo for a friend's wedding. We'll be staying at a timeshare pretty close to central downtownish area, and we're trying to do this on a budget. We are both pretty decent cooks with access to our own kitchen, so I'm wondering what are some good places to get fresh produce, especially seafood (love me some calamari).

Also, Cabo's best taco?

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  1. Not sure where the produce is in Cabo - if you drive up to Todos we have an organic gardener who is selling vegies every day except Sunday. But there is a large,well stocked grocery store in Cabo - CCC on the road to Todos - just after you make the last right turn and head north. You can get everything there and the seafood is pretty good as well. The produce certainly isn't organic but it is plentiful. If you decide to shop at Costco, which many tourists do, be wary of the produce. Be assured it is not local and check the expiration date - often long gone.

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      The fact is you can dine out on a budget in Cabo very easily. I am headed there tomorrow and have been going for many,many years. Visit Trip Advisor, look for the cabo San Lucas forum and check out Trapper's list.