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Apr 12, 2010 11:51 AM

Accords bar à vin

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  1. Even though it's owned by 2 very popular quebec artists, chantal fontaine et guy a lepage,
    they'll still have to deliver excellent food, I'm looking forward to hearing about anyone who's eaten there , how long has it been open ?
    the menu is very interesting !!

    1. I also heard that the old Aszu chef is still involved, but I am not certain, if anyone can confirm.

      1. I've been to Les Accords last night and had a great time.

        For starters, I've had the "redneck raviolis: Oxtail stuffing, butternut squash, shiitakes, cooking reduction, reggiano" with the suggested wine pairing, a Pessac-Leognan 1999. Perfection. My main dish was the "surf and turf of sexy scallops and pork belly: foam of milk and smokey bacon, honey fungus, du Puy lentils" (there were also small green beans). Very delicate and balanced flavors, paired with the suggested red Burgundy that worked really well. For dessert, we opted for the "Mega Coffee Crisp: Layered «Coffee Crisp» Style cake, ground cherry liqueur lollypop, stewed ground cherries, vanilla ice cream". Very good dessert, way better than I expected. The ground cherry was sweet enough. As sweet wine pairing, we were suggested a 1996 amber Rivesaltes that was to die for (and inexpensive) and perfectly suited. Surprisingly made from white grapes (can't remember the varietal), this wine has a rich dark brown color, a nose of moka, dates and spices, a refreshing mouth and a sublime roasted hazelnut retro-olfaction. I don't know if the wines they carry are all private imports, but I think this one is available at SAQ.

        The only disappointment: wine pairings being the main concept of this restaurant, the waiters don't proactively talk about the wines, we had to ask to know more about them. I had the feeling they didn't know their wines so well...

        Overall, a great dining experience: dishes are carefully created, executed and presented, the service is very professional without being overly formal. More talking about the wines, please!