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Apr 12, 2010 11:50 AM

Downtown Calgary - Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

I am looking for a place in downtown Calgary (preferably around Telus Convention Centre or Banker's Hall) where we can have a going-away party for a pregnant coworker. This means we need a place that does non-alcoholic drinks well!

Any suggestions?

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  1. I think any good restaurant/bar will gladly offer a "virgin" version of any of their normal/popular drinks. When the kids were young and we would go to Earls or Metropolitan Grill...there was never a problem with them ordering a margarita - sans tequila.

    1. It's a bit outside downtown, but Raw Bar at Hotel Arts has a really great drink menu with innovative non-alcoholic and alcoholic options. Being relegated to the non-alcoholic myself for the next 7 months, I appreciate something other than the boring old virgin caesar/marg/daq or cran and soda ... maybe your friend would too.

      Also, the bartender at Rush (which has a lounge and is downtown) seems pretty creative in making non-alcoholic drinks (again other than the usual fare I try to avoid).