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Apr 12, 2010 11:33 AM

If you like Krispy Kreme Donuts then you have to try Mr.DOnut in Pleasantville

Went in there on Sat...Incredible donuts that reminded me of Krispy Kreme.
VEry clean, friendly service and lots of places to sit. Looked like a good bunch of menu choices, salads, wraps, smoothiesd and then they had a whole ice cream counter where they were carrying GIfford's. I will definitely go back to try more than the coffee and donuts but thought I would put the word out. Seemed like a good option for a quick lunch

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  1. Holy crap!! I am obsessed with good donuts!

    1. I live across the street, well... not directly, but I've only gotten donuts there twice. I will say they are like Krispy Kreme and I will also say that we do not need more tiny, over frosted donuts. Personally, like old-fashion donuts, with a little more cake-like body to them. That being said I think I'll try them one more time before final analysis. Also, anyone have suggestions for cake-like donuts?

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        I came to hate Krispy Kreme donuts and their ilk. Cake donuts are my favorite.

        So far, the best I've found are in ShopRite, and I've tried a lot of donuts in lower Westchester.

        When the hubub dies down, I'll be curious to sample Fairway's cake donuts.

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          Kneeded Bread in PC makes fresh cake/cider style donuts, they are outstanding

        2. Sounds great! I don't really like donuts but I do like a Krispy Kreme (but only hot out of the oven). Is this place new??

          1. Very kind and friendly folks at Mr. Donut and a nice space for a quick lunch or snack. Have to say I have not been impressed with the donuts, though -- perhaps I have been there at the wrong times, but they've never been particularly fresh or good.

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            1. re: Kat_in_Ossining

              I've actually been there a couple of times and thought the donuts and coffee were very good. The cream filled ones and the ones with cream cheese frosting are very good,
              Worth a try.

            2. I have been to this location aswell as the one in the palisades mall. Coffe is good aswell as the donuts. I dont think they are a national chain just locally owned and operated which helps with my decision to do business with them. Every since D.D. changed there coffee and portion size and moved towards more of a lunch menu type place it has lost all its charm... Anyway Donought delight is definetly a yes in my book