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Apr 12, 2010 11:31 AM

Prestige wine search

I'll be in Boston for the first weekend in May. I'll only be in town for 48 hours and would like to buy a couple of bottles of fine wine. What are the best stores that would carry the largest selection of American (cali and oregon), French or Italian wines. Close to Newberry street is a plus.

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    1. Bauer is on Newbury, but not a very serious wine store.

      The places near downtown that are really respectable:

      Federal Wine

      Brookline Liquor Mart

      In Boston the really big, good, well priced places tend to be in the semi-burbs...


      Atlas (various locations


      Martignetti's (various)

      Blanchard's (various)

      etc. etc.

      Brookline Liquor Mart
      1354 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA

      1. There are some excellent places in the suburbs, but few downtown with any real selection. Will you have a car, or any excuse to travel outside the city?

        Federal Wine is a good suggestion--don't let its small size fool you, they have a very good selection.

        Brookline Liquor Mart is a relatively short cab ride, with a huge selection, and OK pricing.

        Brookline Liquor Mart
        1354 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA

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          Brookline Liquor is also on the green line (subway), a straight shot from Newbury St. Get on at the closest station (Arlington, Copley, or Hynes, depending where you're staying) and take the B Line outbound to the Griggs St. stop. BLM is a block up on your left.

        2. Where are you coming from that Boston(!) is a good place to buy wine?

          Marty's (Newton) or Brookline (aka, "The Mouse Trap") probably have the best selection, but not near Newbury.

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          1. re: Tir_na_nOg

            I'm coming from toronto. I'll be there for 48 hours, not sure about the car, but probably could get a lift. I'm looking for boutique west coast chard or pinot. Something like Beaux freres, that i can't find in canada. I'm going to check out a couple of the websites, thanks!

            1. re: lepetitgourmand

              Those will be hard to find here. But Blanchards does have the '06 BEAUX FRÈRES Pinot Noir The Beaux Frères Vineyard for $85.

              Can you get Mount Eden chards in Toronto? Just saw the '05 and '06 Mount Eden Estate Santa Cruz Mountain at Vinodivino in Newton (not the cheapest local retailer). That's probably the best white wine made in the Western hemisphere! More in common with a white Burgundy than a typical over-oaked cali chard.

          2. Federal Street Wine for sure. Very very strong in French and Italian. Also good with American, but focus is old world. Check their hours: they close at 7pm most days.
            Brookline Liquor Mart is worth the trip for its selection of aged French stuff, if that's what you're after, but you'll definitely pay for it.
            I've heard good things about Brix... anyone?

            Brookline Liquor Mart
            1354 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA