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Apr 12, 2010 10:53 AM

breakfast/brunch questions

We will be in Philly this weekend staying at the Sofitel. Saturday dinner is already planned and thinking of Whiskey Village or Monks for lunch on Saturday.

Looking for suggestions for breakfast/brunch for Sunday. Was thinking might be easiest to dine somewhere in the area so we don't have to move the car.

I know LaCroix gets suggested for brunch a lot, but not sure I want to go that fancy. I saw that Tinto now serves brunch, has anyone been?

We are willing to walk a few blocks so can go somewhat out of the area.

Other thought was maybe Standard Tap or something in the northern liberties section as I know there are a couple of breakfast places there. I am not familiar with that area of the city so not sure about parking.

Open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Northern Liberties is generally pretty good for parking. Honey's Sit and Eat is good but you will have a long wait for a table (and no liquor license if you are looking for that). North 3rd is good and has a liquor license and a funky vibe. Cafe Estelle is very good (IMHO), is BYO but does "fixin's" and has parking.

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      If I were going to bother moving the car, I'd definitely go to Cafe Estelle. If not, I'd walk to Kanella at 10th and Spruce. Greek Cypriot. French press coffee and fantastic eats.

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        Bigley nailed it, Honey's is very much the vogue brunch place right now.

        But if you don't want to drive, why not have brunch at Parc? It's a two minute walk from the hotel and they have outdoor seating over-looking Rittenhouse square, which is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

        Alternatively, Distrito is a fifteen to twenty minute stroll (or there's lots of parking nearby) and they serve AMAZING French Toast

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          If you are not opposed to public transit, the blue line (El) goes right from 15th St to one block from Distrito (40th St stop). And I second the tres leches french toast there, it's killer. Tortilla Soup is awesome too.

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            All great suggestions, I just recently saw (and don't remember where, so apologize if here) That Cochon is now serving brunch.......the menu looked delicious.

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              I will check out Distrito. I am not opposed to public transit, but if the walk if not too bad, that might be nice. I assume it is a safe walk? Figure if we walk there and back I'd burn off about 1/100 of the calories of the tres leches french toast.

              It was descriptions of that french toast that I read here on this board that made me look at Tinto since that is right around the corner from the hotel. They also do an interesting sounding brioche french toast with spiced orange syrup and marscapone.

              Do you think we'd need reservations for brunch at any of hte above places. We don't mind sitting at the bar if the makes a differance.

              1. re: KathyH

                I think the walk is more than 20 minutes, it's about 2 miles. But, it is pretty nice and you can cut through Penn's campus on the way as a short detour, if you want to see that. You can also swing down to the park along the river on your way back.

      2. I second, third and fourth the Distrito brunch. We ate there this weekend with two young children. I love eggs and the Heuvos Rancheros did not disappoint. My husband had the chicken tacos and later we ordered the pork tacos. I told the waitress that I wished I had more room because it was all so delicious. We walked in around lunch time and had no problems getting a seat. I'm sure given all of your french toast reviews, that my husband will be ordering them next.

        1. We just stayed at the Sofitel the other weekend and for brunch we also didn't want to go fancy. We chose to go to Sabrina's at 18th and Callowhill. It was amazingly good. We called before we left the hotel to be 'put on the list', walked the 20minute walk and had less than a five minute wait. They definitely pushed us to the top of the list when we arrived. We have also enjoyed brunch at Parc. If you are looking for a place to hang out and have that 'lazy day' brunch, I think I'd choose Parc and they do take reservations (which we needed for our group of 6). FYI, the Sofitel let us have a 2pm checkout so we didn't have to rush back.

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            Thanks for all of the replies and information. Definitely will get the late checkout, that way we don't have to rush.
            Checked adn Distrito is 2 miles from the Sofitel, a doable walk each way if we want so that is still on the list. As is Sabrina's and even Parc. And I haven't ruled out Tinto either yet. May play it by ear and see what we feel like eating and which way we wander.