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Apr 12, 2010 10:37 AM

Hot Sauce

Hey chowhounders, where should i go to get some really good hot sauce in the city? Looking for both big names (Blair's) and maybe some local favorites.


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  1. Les douceurs du marché at Marché Atwater have a large selection of hot sauces

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    1. re: westaust

      Le Depense at Jean-Talon also has an excellent selection of hot sauces.

    2. Brooks Pepperfire Sauce in Rigaud makes a great variety of Hot Sauces. Check them out...

      1. The larger Asian supermarkets like Kim Phat (3-4 locations in Montreal) have big selections of heat, everything from the standard milder Sriracha to concentrated chili sauces, to black bean and chili pepper mixes, and exotic dried seafood Chinese XO chili sauces. A lot of good Asian brands to choose from like Lee Kum Kee, Yeow's, Hsin Tung Yang, etc.

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        1. re: VinnyRW

          I went in person and it was great, a really cool experience. You can always order off the net too.

          1. re: humbert

            I miss when those guys were in downtown Ottawa. So much hot sauce.

        2. The largest selection I have seen in the area was in the gas grill/BBQ section of the JCPerrault furniture and appliance store in Kirkland (17850, Rte Transcanadienne).

          1. The original comment has been removed