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Apr 12, 2010 09:57 AM

Best candy for office

I need some candy ideas for the workplace. I am in an office of about 70 people, a successful financial/insurance firm in a fairly conservative city. The candy in the lobby sucks. Flat out sucks. It's generic cellophane wrapped sugary things and I want something better.

Give me some original candy ideas! We can do better than the Brach's mix and Hershey Kisses.

What have you seen in the workplace that has impressed you?

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    1. Red Vines are always a big hit!

      1. What do you have access to in your "fairly conservative" city. Do the candies have to be wrapped? What's your budget?

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          They do need to be wrapped. As far as what I have access to, I have Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Krogers as well as the ubiquitous Big Box stores.

          The conservative is key because while the candy can be inventive, it can't be too quirky so think great European hard candies (any?) instead of food-shaped gummies.

          1. re: Ernie Diamond

            I would look in the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Gitterati are pretty good, and they look pretty:

            That site actually has a lot of possibilities. These would be good:

            1. re: Ernie Diamond

              But those gummies aren't that food-shaped. They have common "conservative" flavors, like orange, strawberry, etc.

              But if i must choose a hard candy, they sell a large jar of coffee, latte, espresso, and iced tea candies at Office Depot, if you have access to one. They are pretty good as well. Besides that, anything made by Cedrinca is great. They have a selection of fruit, chocolate, nut, or mint flavored hard candies. You could try for those...

              1. re: Jemon

                +1 on Cedrinca. A mix of classic (mint, citrus) and unusual (anise, espresso) flavors would give something for everyone.

          2. Goetze"s(?) Caramel Creams

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            1. re: Hue

              I second the caramel creams. They are very good!

            2. I love love atomic jaw breakers. I used to find them at a gas station and in the mornings I'd fill up, I'd grab a bunch for candy jar on my desk. My boss couldn't keep his hands out of it, and everyone was running around with red tongues. But they are perfect, they satisfy and last a while. They were running about 5cents each back then, so you might have to pay a little more. I like that they're wrapped too. The other is the penny candies that are tart, they look like little neccos and I can't think of their name.
              Smarties! thats it, they last too.

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              1. re: chef chicklet

                I loved those things. When your a kid you don't care if your teeth are blue!

                For the crowd though I would recommend suckers. There wrapped and cheap.