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Apr 12, 2010 09:55 AM

wine question - Oak Grove Zinfandel

I was at Total Wine this weekend and saw Oak Grove zinfandel and cab for about $7.99 per bottle. Just wondering if anyone has tried this wine and if it's any good. I need to buy a case of red for my wedding and the $7.99 price point is great plus the wine is from California which is a requirement for me (because I am from California - the groom is from Virginia so all the beer will be from Virginia.)

I would be thrilled to quaff a bottle for experimental purposes but I can't drink right now, and my fiance is not a great wine expert. Has anyone out there tried this wine and can recommend or not recommend it? This is mostly just for guests who strongly prefer red wine because we will also have champagne, white wine, and beer, and much of the wedding will be outdoors on a hopefully warm day in May. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Haven't tried it personally, but here are some ratings from cellartracker if it helps you at all:

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      Really bad reviews.

      There are better buys for the money, LDW. Have you checked the many, many other threads that are specifically about good wines for weddings, and also the threads on the best buys in wine under $10, under $15? A wealth of info exists that will serve your interests.

    2. DO check by searching as maria lorraine suggests. I don't have a rec at $7.99 but I can highly recommend Avalon Estate Cab (at Total Wine in VA for $12.99). I used to sell a lot of it when I had my shop in California, and several different sales reps told me it was a favorite on many restaurant menus.

      Be careful, though, as Total Wine also sells another Avalon cab at $7.99. It is not the wine I'm suggesting. Look for Avalon-NAPA VALLEY []

      1. OP, just buy a bottle, taste and spit. Repeat if necessary. ;)