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Apr 12, 2010 08:42 AM

Best local Bottled BBQ sauce in NC?

Just noticed I was out of sauce. I usually buy a case of something great and have it shipped in (Maull's, etc). Rather go local this year. Willing to try a few varietites. Less a fan of the nearly pure vinegar types. I do not like the ones with added smoke (I cook over charcoal). Yet to try many with a mustard base (not sure when to add it).

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  1. My vote is for Bone Suckin', available at most local grocery stores.

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    1. re: rockycat

      I second the Bone Suckin Sauce - is great!

      1. re: Jeanne

        Yes! This is my all-time favorite. You have to get the HOT at a minimum - because it's really not very hot. I think there might be an extra hot version now. It tastes great and provides a lot of flavor without being "goopy." And it is quite healthy - gluten-free, no HFCS, etc.

      2. re: rockycat

        Bone Suckin' Sauce is my go to commercially-sold 'cue sauce b/c it is easily found in most grocery stores (even up North these days). But my favorite NC sauce is Keaton's. Anytime I get up to Statesville I have to get my Keaton's fix and I stock up on a few bottles of their sauce. I just checked their website and they sell it by the bottle, 1/2 case or case. I just may have to by it and have it shipped b/c I don't get up that way too often. But you should try it - it's great - vinegary w/ a nice mild sweetness and just a touch of heat. Yum... I may have to crack open my last bottle and make some dipped chicken.

        p.s. Of the Bone Suckin' sauces, I prefer the "Hot" variety best - and I add a splash or two of cider vinegar to it to give it a more eastern style tang. ;-)

        1. re: NXS

          Second Georges. If you are looking to get your hands on Eastern NC sauce, just make it yourself. There are very few ingredients and they're all cheap. You don't even need to follow a recipe, just get the ingredients together and do it by taste.

        2. I like Ole Time BBQ's sauce, preferably the hot version. It's vinegar based, though.

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          1. re: sisterbeer

            We usually make our own but if we buy we either use Bone Suckin or Dan's Sweet Southern Sauce (hot). The latter isn't so much BBQ sauce as a grilling/dipping sauce. It is nice as a baste on grilled chicken or pork chops.

          2. Someone I know grilled out barbecue chicken a while back but I don't recall if they used Bone Suckin Sauce or Sweet Baby Ray's either way it was good.

            1. I really like Jim's. They carry it at Kroger and it is fantastic. I think it is much better than Bone Suckin' sauce.

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              1. re: RaleighHound

                Scott's out of Goldsboro for vinegary style and Uncle Yammy's out of Greenville if a want a tomato based style.