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Apr 12, 2010 08:33 AM

Antojitos Mexicanos - Woodside - still around?

Are they still around because 2x in the last 2 visits they were not there under the train tracks.
I feel like they're being overshadowed now that a newer and bigger taco truck arrived like 1/2 a year ago?

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  1. You're talking about the tamale vendor that was at Roosevelt/61st, right? I have noticed that in the last couple weeks, they haven't been there, but in its place, there has been a larger cart selling tamales (not sure if it's the same people), and in addition, they are offering the usual street cart tacos, tortas, quesadillas, gorditas.

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    1. re: E Eto

      I've noticed that cart recently too, and it reminded me of the small tamale stand that is sometimes around on the weekends. I think it's the handwritten menu -- black marker on pinkish-orangish posterboard -- that strikes me as similar.
      But, when I asked the woman if they had tamales she said no. I got a taco instead, and it was only so-so.

      1. re: jaingmaster

        saw that place set up this morning; all handwritten signs and looking kinda ramshackle; quesadillas for $3, tortas for $5, etc. and just a few meters away was a woman with a much simpler stand with just a huge single metal pot that looked like the typical tamale-only vendor.

      2. re: E Eto

        yeah i am pretty sure they're not the same people. this is the 'famous' cart - got coverage before in nymag, etc. small cart that only sells tamales. too bad if it's gone for good. i hope they come back or are there when i go again.

        1. re: sedela

          has anyone seen the cart around since? don't live in the area so i don't want to squander a trip in search of great tamales!

          1. re: deabot

            I saw the old Antojitos Mexicanos tamale cart about a week ago. It was up a side street (62nd maybe) on the sidewalk with a 'for sale' sign! Was quite a scare at first, but hopefully the good tamaleros got a new one and are just waiting for the hot weather to end before going back out there. In past years I have notited that they take a break for a few weeks during the hottest months of summer anyhow.